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BUNAC’s Group Flight package is not just a journey it’s an adventure.  No need go it alone, when you can meet up with fellow gap year travellers before you touch down in your new country. This might be your first time embarking on a new adventure but we’ve been doing this sort of thing since 1962, so we know exactly how you’re feeling! Here are five reasons why you should join us on one of our legendary group flights.


Finding the right flight at the right price is always a bit of tricky task.Starting your gap year with a stressful journey involving 20 connections all around Asia is the last thing you want. With our knowledge and help we’ll get you there the quickest and easiest route possible. We have more options available to us and some of the best heads in the business working to get you on the best flight possible. 


Make your journey a mini adventure in itself by travelling via some top locations. If you’re heading Down Under with our group flight you’ll enjoy a two night stop over in one of Asia's hippest haunts, Hong Kong. With a stay in a luxury hotel and planned trip around some of Hong Kong’s hot spots, you’ll make memories before you've even thrown your first shrimp on the barbie. A trip to Canada on our group flight includes the ultimate rural experience by stopping over in Reykjavik, Iceland. Go and see the great northern lights, relax in hot springs, and see the Blue Lagoons all before your start your gap year!  


And we don’t mean awkwardly plonked next to someone on the plane in the hope you’ll get on. No, with our group flight package, we have a Facebook group where you can speak to people before you even arrive at the airport. We’ll allocate your seating on the plane to so you’ll all be jetting off together. 


We completely take the stress out of arranging your visa. We have team members who know all the tricks of the trade on applying for visas and are only a phone call away. We’ll be there from the minute the application form is sent to when your have a new stamp in your passport!


Not only will we help you get on your way to your new home, we’ll also have reps waiting at each airport to ensure you don’t get too lost. No need to stress about confusing airport signs and connections, just kick back, relax, and travel in style.

Sound good to you? What you waiting for?! Spaces on our monthly Group Flight are extremely limited and are sold on a first come first serve basis. Visit our Group Flight page to find out more. 
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