Why You Should Work at a BUNAC Summer Camp in 2019

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By now you may have heard stories about Summer Camp USA and how it is the summer of a lifetime, but why, we hear you ask? Not only does Summer Camp USA allow you to earn money doing something you love, it sets you up with invaluable transferable skills that can assist in the development of your professional career. We’ve highlighted just five of the benefits of why you should work at Summer Camp USA with BUNAC.

Doing something you love, every day

Whether you want to be a General Camp Counsellor or an Activity Specialist, you’ll wake up every day in an incredible environment getting paid to teach your passion. The fact that you’ll be working with children is hugely valuable – it will be the hardest job you’ll ever love! 

Follow the leader

In each Camp role you are in the spotlight, giving direction and solving problems for your group of campers (whilst making it fun!). You’ll be their role model and support system and as you help grow their confidence and abilities, so too will yours. The experience in this role with an unbounded sense of responsibility will benefit you in whatever professional career path you choose. 

Communication is key

Communication is one of the most important skills in any job. Whether you’re teaching children a brand new activity or keeping a room full of campers engaged in what you’re saying, you’ll see similarities in the professional work place as you communicate with people of different backgrounds and cultures.

The reward after the challenge

Summer Camp is not an easy job. You’ll be working with your campers to help improve skills and conquer fears whilst never faltering in keeping up good moods. Whether it be the reward of seeing what was once tennis novices perfecting the sport or teaching children how to swim, your work ethic will be strengthened as you see the positive impact you’re having on the campers. The hours you put in become more than worth it. 

30 magical days of travel

The end-of-Camp-blues are a real thing come the end of summer. But there’s no need to fret, with your J-1 visa you have up to 30 days to travel the USA once Camp finishes! That ultimate American road trip is calling your name.

Ready to start your all-American adventure on Summer Camp USA? Of course you are! Find your perfect Camp job for 2019 and get in touch with the BUNAC team on 0333 999 7516 or at enquiries@bunac.org.uk

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