What My Friends and Family Think About Me Spending Summer at Camp

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I'm about to make the leap across the pond to spend my summer working at Summer Camp USA! It's my first time working abroad and I'm super excited! Here's what my family and friends think.

My family are super proud

As expected, my parents are starting to get nervous but honestly, I can't say that my brother will notice for at least two weeks! 

My Dad has been making sure that I have everything I need and has been asking me 100 questions a day so he knows that I'm fully prepared with documents and packing for Camp! My mum is the opposite. I think it will take her about two weeks for it to sink in that I have gone and won't be returning for the whole summer.

My brother, who's only two years younger than I am, didn't even notice the last time I was away! My parents left the house to collect me from the airport and he said 'Oh, where did she go?'.

Even though they are nervous for me to make the trip across the pond, my family are excited for my American adventure and are proud of me for taking the leap and doing something different. 

My friends are super excited for me to go

Everyone keeps saying that they can't wait to see all the Instagram uploads that they know I'm going to bombard them with! 

My very best friend has just joined the army, so in some way we are lucky that we will both be occupied while being away from each other for so long. With the time difference and different schedules it's going to be a mission and a half to try and keep in contact, but we have decided to take it back to good old fashioned pen and paper. It's going to be so tough but I'm so super excited to write letters and I think this will make the whole travelling experience more authentic.

All in all, it's a big change for everyone but I am super excited and in a matter of weeks I'll be at Camp having the best summer ever! Yah!

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