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Craving an all-American experince? Want to do something that will look impressive on your CV? Also want to have the most incredible summer ever? Surely no job ticks all three boxes?! Think again - we’ve got a whole heap of jobs in the States which you’re going to love, plus they all let you travel the USA after your contract ends. Perfect eh? Say hello to Summer Camp USA!

We work with the best Summer Camps in America to place people like you in fun and fulfilling paid jobs for the summer. Check out some of our most popular jobs below!

General Camp Counsellor 

General Camp Counsellors are basically super heroes without capes (though at camp you will likely find yourself in fancy dress quite often!) You’ll be in charge of a group of campers from morning till night - taking them to each activity, making sure they’re having the best time ever and you’ll usually sleep in their tent and cabin with them too.

Perfect for - good all rounders, people who love working with kids. 


Are you the next Mitch Buchanan or CJ Parker in the making? Whether you’ve got a Lifeguard qualification already, or are a confident swimmer looking to expand your skillset - if you love the water and want to help campers enjoy their summer in the lake safely, then Lifeguard could be the role for you.

Good to know - Camps will likely fly you out a week early for Lifeguard training so you can pass the relevant US standard qualification. 

Watersports Instructor 

Most Summer Camps are centred around a huge lake or water front, and daily activities include swimming, kayaking, canoeing, windsurfing, paddle boarding, sailing and more. If any of these float your boat you’ll take to Camp life like a duck to water!

Heads Up – Sailing Instructors are always in really high demand at Camp. If you have experience and a personal skill in Sailing your application is sure to stand out from the crowd. 

Football Coach 

There’s no football World Cup for the next few years, so how about setting up your own tournament at Summer Camp USA? Channel your inner Gareth Southgate and use your love of the game to pass your soccer skills on to campers. Put together drills, fun games and help develop the next generation of Team USA.

Good to know – Do you play football for your college or region? This will look awesome on your application so make sure you tell us all about it. 

Theatre Arts Instructor 

To Summer Camp or not to Summer Camp - that is the question. And there’s only one answer if you’re a budding actor - DO IT! Campers love Theatre Arts classes - getting to play games, put on plays and practice their drama skills.

Fun fact - Many famous actors and actresses started at summer camp - including Denzel Washington who taught Theatre Arts at one of our favourite camps - Camp Sloane. 

Tennis Coach 

Ace at tennis? Andy Murray in the making? Get paid to play it everyday this summer and pass on your expertise and passion to campers. Help perfect their technique, raise their confidence on and off the court and make them and their parents proud of their new and improved skills.

Good to know – It's not essential to have a qualification to teach Tennis, but it will definitely stand you in good stead if you do. Be sure to shout loud and proud about it on your application. <

Horse Riding Instructor 

If you love all things horses, why not be a Horse Riding Instructor next summer? Many camps have their own stables or take their campers to ones nearby where they can learn all about how to correctly care for, feed, house and ride our four legged friends. A great experience to share your love for animals and indulge your own passion for riding and caring.

Good to know – Horse Riding Instructors often head to Camp before the campers arrive, in order to get to know the horses and get them ready for the summer.

These are just a few jobs available on Summer Camp USA. Jobs and camps in America are just as broad, interesting and exciting as you - so no matter what skills and interests you have, get in touch to see what might best suit your skill set. To see more roles available, check out our Jobs at Camp page and to learn how Summer Camp USA can positively impact your career, read Adam’s blog, about how he worked his way up from Camp Lifeguard, all the way to Camp Director, and now manages BUNAC’s whole Summer Camp USA programme.

If you have any questions, or if you want to start your own Summer Camp USA adventure, email us at enquiries@bunac.org.uk or call us on 0333 999 7516

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