Top Tips for Getting Hired at a Summer Camp USA Job Fair

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BUNAC’s legendary Summer Camp USA Job Fairs are happening soon, and they are your chance to meet with Camp Directors from the US who are looking to hire international staff.

Before working full time for BUNAC, our Operations Manager Adam was a Camp Director in the USA and he would travel to the UK to recruit staff at BUNAC's Summer Camp USA Job Fairs. Straight from the mouth of a Camp Director, here are 10 top tips for acing your interview and walking away with an all-American job. 

Look Fresh

Presentation is key, so really think about how you look to a prospective employer. The first impression you make will often stick, so being clean and looking smart go a long way. Avoid hoodies, ripped jeans, scruffy shoes and hats. Instead, dressing smart will put you in a much better position (there’s nothing wrong with wearing a tie!). Also, make sure you hair is smart (facial hair included) and kept away from your face.


A huge part of any job at Summer Camp is making a great first impression and making campers feel comfortable with their new environment. In an interview, two important parts of this are making eye contact and shaking hands. Don’t death stare the Camp Director or feel like you shouldn’t blink, but when making eye contact with someone we show that we are fully engaged in communicating with them.


Once you know which Summer Camps you are interviewing with, do some research on them and show the Camp Director that you are invested in their Camp. The first question they will probably ask is: “Why do you want to work at my Camp?”. Don’t let this simple question trip you up.

Be clear about your motivation

A large part of the reason you’ll be going to work at Summer Camp may be to make the most of your 30-day travel period at the end of Camp. In the interview however, you main motivation must be of course to work at a Summer Camp and to work with children. A Camp Director will be listening out for what your priorities are.

Prepare examples

Don’t be caught off guard when a Camp Director asks you to talk about your previous experiences, and don’t lie about them. Think about examples of times you worked with challenging children, had to solve problems, and moments you are most proud of, and be ready to talk about them in detail.

Think outside the box

If you have any unique skills or talents, talk about them in your interview! Either by demonstrating right there and then, or by bringing along documentation with examples, e.g. pictures or videos. The Camp Directors will be interviewing hundreds of applicants, and you want to be the one they remember.

Be ready to talk about your skill or activity in detail

It is not uncommon for a Camp Director to ask you to talk through a lesson plan you might implement while at Camp, or to give them an idea of some of the specific skills you may teach in relation to your activity of preference.

Prepare questions

Preparing a few key questions for the Camp Director demonstrates how seriously you are taking this opportunity, and how much effort you are making in investing in the job at their Camp. Write a list of at least 10 questions to avoid the awkward moment of trying to think of something to ask at the end of the interview. They may answer your questions during the interview, but being able to refer to a list demonstrates your forethought.

Be flexible and open

It might be the case that a Camp Director suggests you could work in a position you hadn't previously considered, or in a position you have never heard of. Ask them questions to understand opportunities further, and trust that they are experts in their field. If they have confidence to offer you a position in something they think you’ll be good at, chances are you will be!

Say yes!

All the Camps BUNAC work with on Summer Camp USA are carefully selected and meet high standards. If you are offered a position, accept it! You might be thinking: “But what if another Camp offers me a job?” - but what if they don’t? You’ve heard the saying: ‘never look a gift horse in the mouth’ well, we say: ‘never turn down an offer from an awesome Camp!‘

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