Top Skills You Will Gain from Working at a Summer Camp in America

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We all know somebody who has been over to the USA to work at a Summer Camp and had the best summer ever. But the ‘best summer ever' isn't the only thing you’ll gain from your adventure in the States. Check out some of the top skills you’ll gain from your Summer Camp USA job.


You'll learn to communicate in different ways at Camp and how to deal with many different situations.

Time management

Everything at Camp is scheduled and timed to the second. You’ll become a time management pro and will be able to juggle a busy schedule – something prospective employers will love.


You'll be a role model and leader to so many young people as a Camp Counsellor or Activity Specialist. This is your chance to make a positive impact.


Showing future employers that you can demonstrate times where you’ve had the chance to work in conditions where you’ve been flexible in your approach and you’ve worked as part of a team are attractive traits.

Relationship building

Working with other people and developing strong relationships is a hugely important skill in any workplace. You’ll master the art of forging meaningful and important relationships during your summer at Camp.

Working with children

Pretty obvious, but living and working with groups of children of different age groups will put you in the best position if you’re looking to enter a career in teaching. There’re not that many jobs in the world that will offer you as many contact hours with young people than working at a Summer Camp!


Heading to a completely new country and working in a different culture shows you are adaptable in your approach and you are a go-getter. All pretty important stuff in the working world.

International element to your CV

International work experience at any level will really set your CV out from the crowd when applying for a position back in the UK. Being able to gain this over the summer whilst having the best time is an added bonus!


Things don’t always go according to plan at Camp, and that’s where being creative and thinking outside of the box will see you excel in your role. Did somebody say rainy day activity?

With so many transferrable skills you’ll learn while at Camp, there’s no better reason to take the plunge and start your Summer Camp USA application today. Need further encouragement or have any questions? Get in touch with our expert team today on 0333 999 7516 or at

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