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But what's it all about? 

The BUNAC Brand Ambassador training weekend is two days of our year where contagiously awesome people from up and down the UK come together in an artsy room in London's Elephant and Castle to learn how to spread the word about Summer Camp USA on their university campuses. From staff members to first-time BUNACers, we have all been to camp, and we all agree that it's changed our lives. We've made lifelong friends, howled with laughter until our stomachs hurt and tried and failed to hold back the tears when home came calling (don't remind us). All in all, we don't think summer camp is an experience than anyone should miss out on. So, we want to share our memories of camp with you, and hopefully, possibly... inspire you to do it too. You with us?  


Hey guys! I'm Marie, and I work as the Summer Camp Co-Ordinator for BUNAC. I have spent two and half summers working at dozens of camps in the USA as a circus specialist (or circus freak if you want to call me that) and living the American Dream!

We have recently recruited an enthusiastic group of BUNAC Brand Ambassadors and I can honestly say I left the weekend training sessions with a huge smile on my face! We heard some fantastic camp stories, some of which you will read right here, right now. Each and every one of them are engaging, passionate and driven individuals, and after such a fun weekend I have no doubt that they will create loyal relationships between the applicants and BUNAC in the future.  

Each BUNAC Brand Ambassador will be supporting our brand, encouraging applicants to have an amazing, productive summer and providing vital information to help grow the summer camp USA programme in their regions. They have the necessary skills, personal camp experiences and are genuinely such hilarious people to be around. On this blog you will meet three of them  - Kaya, Aran and Sarah. We can't wait to see what they get up to this year!

Meet some of our Ambassadors! 


Hi, I’m Kaya and I am currently in my second year at the University of Leicester studying Law. This summer I made the best decision of my life and decided to join the BUNAC Summer Camp USA programme where I spent three months of my summer at Camp Walden in Maine. I have 5 younger siblings, so from a very young age I’ve loved being around children. I felt I had the experience to be a camp counsellor to a high standard. In 2015 I travelled to Gambia and worked with a small community helping out at the local school, having experienced such a different culture it pushed me to travel more and discover even more lifestyles and customs. 

It’s hard to put into such few words how life changing camp can really be, or the feeling you get when you help a child conquer a fear they’ve always had - like swimming, or give them the guidance to do something for the first time - like tying their shoes on their own. Every camp day was full of not only incredible activities like water skiing, tennis and horse riding but also the evenings were hilarious. We took part in 'The Onion Challenge' and dressed up in bin bags and had competitions to see who could put the most amount of clothes on in just 10 minutes. Amongst the lip sync battles and Saturday pizza and congo bar night I truly made friends for life, and that is priceless. For me a moment that will stick with me forever was when one of the girls in my bunk lost her first tooth and I was given the job of being the ‘Walden Toothfairy'. It was a point that I realised how much these young girls had changed my life, I began to experience pride in their achievements and missed them when they weren’t around.

My choice to be a BUNAC Brand Ambassador is so simple. I had such an unbelievable summer and I am so passionate about the scheme, that all I want to do is get other young people excited about it.


Hey, my name is Sarah-Louise. I am a third year Film Studies student at the University of Greenwich. During the summer of 2016, I found my home at Camp Tapawingo, Maine. This was all made possible by the Summer Camp USA programme run by BUNAC. Whenever the opportunity to do work experience was possible during my school and college time, I would always work in a primary school. I also volunteered in Bali to teach English last summer. Through these experiences I had realised that I love to teach kids and help them get the most fun out of their education and watch them become excited whilst learning new things. 

Summer camp is an experience like no other. At my camp we say it's almost like a cult, you can't talk to anyone else outside camp about it or they would think you were insane. We walked around singing camp songs, pulling pranks on other staff members and doing campfire rituals other people would find weird. At camp it's normal to talk about the kids in your bunk as if they are now your own and to tell people you're now a mother to 8 children. There was nothing I loved more than seeing a child who was terrified of getting in the water finally pass their swim test and being able to play around in the lake with all their friends… or when a child finally gets up on one water ski and jumps out the lake screaming ‘Sarah-Lou, I finally did it!’ after telling me for weeks that they would never be able to. 

As soon as the opportunity to become a BUNAC Brand Ambassador became available, I jumped at the chance. If more people could experience the world and help others and get to see such a magical bubble that is camp life, the world would be at least a little bit more amazing. 


My name is Aran and I am currently studying the Master of Research programme in Pharmacology at King’s College London. For years I have wanted to go to a summer camp in the USA, and when it came down to my last year of my undergraduate course I finally had the drive to apply with BUNAC before I enter the grown-up world of either work or postgraduate studies. It turned out to be one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever done and has positively changed my perspective on work, forming unforgettable relationships with new people, and travelling as a whole!

I worked at Camp Horizons, a non-profitable camp in Connecticut for children and adults with a range of special and emotional needs, where I taught horseback riding during the day and was a general counsellor during mealtimes and evening activities. My favourite thing about camp was the power of positivity! Being able to be a role model to our youngest campers was awesome, especially when then they would surprise me and do something amazing and I became the one who was inspired! Not forgetting having French toast with maple syrup for breakfast was also a huge bonus!

Now back at university I would love to inspire more people from home and my uni to go to camp with BUNAC. My goal is to help more people experience what all past counsellors have experienced, and have a once-in-a-lifetime journey that is so much fun, yet fulfilling, that they can remember for the rest of their lives.

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