Kasia's Post-Summer Camp USA Travel Bucket List

Summer Camp USA is now closed for 2019!

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Aside from immersing yourself in the classic American Camp experience, one of the benefits of joining a Summer Camp USA programme is the 30-days you get for travel after Camp on the J-1 visa. Check out Kasia's post-Summer Camp USA adventures.

It’ll be my first time travelling around America by myself and my first time being there for such a long period, so I want to squeeze the absolute most out of those 30 days.

When it comes to travel, pre-planning is an extreme sport in my world - think word docs, spreadsheets and maps galore. The result is an epic, jam-packed 30-day cross-country tour of the States, taking me from East to West via the South.

Below you’ll find my post-Camp travel bucket list, ranging from you’re-a-fool-if-you-go-here-and-miss-this must-sees to weird and wonderful hidden gems.

1. Go whale watching in Boston

From April to October, it’s whale watching season in Boston and the opportunity to see these magnificent creatures up close in the wild is one not to be missed. If Boston’s not on your list of places to visit after Camp, you can also do whale watching in San Francisco.

2. Watch an improv show in Chicago

Chicago is famed for its comedy scene, particularly its improv shows. I’m a huge comedy fan, so I couldn’t miss the chance to see a show at Second City, Chicago’s oldest improv club. Improv comedy certainly isn’t for everyone, but if you’re going to watch it anywhere, it’s got to be in its birthplace. 

3. Watch a Broadway show in New York

Broadway productions are one of the first things that come to mind when thinking of New York. If you’re flexible about what you want to see and where you’re willing to sit, join the queue at the TKTS booth in Duffy Square. You’ll have to sacrifice your time, but you could save around 50% on ticket prices.

4. See the White House in Washington

Whether you stay up-to-date with politics or not, a selfie in front of this iconic building will be one for the grandkids.

5. Listen to jazz in New Orleans

You won’t find much jazz on my Spotify playlists currently, but if there was ever a time for me to get into it, it would have to be in New Orleans, where jazz was born! Le Bon Temps Roule offers a feast for the senses on Friday nights: live jazz piano and free oysters with no cover charge.

6. Visit the Cathedral of Junk in Austin

The Cathedral of Junk is one of those things you have to see for yourself, because words simply won’t do it justice. Austin-resident Vince Hannemann has created this multi-level structure in his backyard by cramming together over sixty tons of used and useless items. A true testament to the city’s unofficial motto: “Keep Austin Weird.”

7. Trawl through the Rose Bowl Flea Market in LA

Packed with vintage clothing, rare trinkets, and items that can only be classed as good, old-fashioned weird, flea markets are the perfect place to get unique souvenirs. On the second Sunday of every month, the Rose Bowl Stadium in Pasadena hosts over 2,500 vendors for this legendary affair.

8. See the lights of the Las Vegas Strip

If there was ever an appropriate time to don a pair of sunnies at night, it would surely be while basking in the neon glow of hotels and casinos. Whether you choose to stroll along the Strip or cruise along in a limo, one thing's for sure: you're in for a sensory overload. 

9. See the sunset over the Grand Canyon

I haven’t yet decided if I’m brave enough to ride a helicopter over the Grand Canyon, but even with my feet planted firmly on the ground, the views are guaranteed to be breathtaking. I’ll be touring the area with TrekAmerica - don’t forget you get 10% off their tours just for being a BUNAC Camp Counsellor!

10. Ride a tram in San Francisco

I plan to tick the more obvious things off the San Fran list, like the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz, but the nerd in me is super excited to take a ride on the iconic trams that haul passengers up and down those equally iconic steep streets. There’s no better way to see the city!

Keep up to date on Kasia's adventure and start planning your own in preparation for Summer Camp USA 2020 opening later this summer!

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