How to stand out from the crowd on your Summer Camp application

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Where to start...

The application form is the first impression a camp director (and potential employer) has of you, so…

  • Book your interview as soon as possible! The sooner we interview you, the sooner we can place you at a camp!

  • Present yourself as an asset to camp. As a camp counsellor, you are a role model to children so show yourself to be well motivated and responsible… but most of all be honest.

  • You need to choose at least three skills you can organise and teach. Think about it. Can you organise and teach a 45 minute-1 hour session of 8-14 year olds this activity? If not, don’t pick it. If so, list it!

  • Be detailed! Camps are trying to imagine how you'll fit into their camp, be descriptive, what aspects of your skill/activity have you taught? How long for? Who to? The more information you can put in, the better!

  • In the 'Activities you can assist with' section- choose all activities you could assist with. This should be lengthy! Camps want to see that you are happy to join in with all aspects of camp life.

  • Know how build rockets? Keep bees? Get any of your weird and wonderful skills onto your application.

  • Be flexible with your preferences. This will give you the most options for placement available – particularly with for types of camps you’d like to work at and the earliest date you can travel (earlier the better).

  • Spell check. It’s the little things that make a big difference with an application, and simply by running a spell check on your application can make a great first impression even better!

  • Don’t be put off by the number of questions on the application form. They have all been included for a specific reason and so are all important! Remember you can save the form as you go along so don’t need to do everything in one go!

  • Smile in your photo. A good head and shoulders photo is best for your application- something where your face is clearly visible and you are looking at the camera, smiling. We’ve all got party snaps and group photo shots but they’re best left out of your summer camp application!

  • Your application will allow you to add more than one photo.Do you have any photos of you playing your sport?

  • Clean up your social media. Camps will try and look you up on Facebook!

  • Make a Video!

Have a question about the application? Give our team a call on 0207 870 9570.

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