How to Make Your Summer Camp USA Application Stand Out

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Wondering how you can make your Summer Camp USA application stand out? Find out how Summer Camp USA Amassador, Amy, made her application shine with the experience she gained.

When I was applying for Summer Camp USA with BUNAC, I knew that Camp Directors would be looking for someone with childcare experience, as well as activity specific work experience. I found having a variety of experience helped me answer questions well in my interview. Below are the three ways I gained experience to make my application stand out:

Work Experience

Many companies have work experience programs and I managed to get a week of work experience in my old primary school, just by going in and asking them! Many local nurseries, playgroups and day cares will also be more than happy to host you for a few days. This is a great way to get some professional experience working with children.


Local Guiding and Scout organisations are always looking for volunteers, and I really enjoyed the years I spent as a Brownie Leader. I got to organise lots of different activities like crafts, sports and cooking which is good if you’re open to working in a variety of roles at Camp.

If you are looking for experience in a specific activity, local sports clubs are also always keen for volunteers. I used to help out at my local gymnastics club every week. This was a great way to get some activity-specific experience. 

Paid Work

If you’re thinking about getting a job, applying for one that involves working with children can look really good on your application. I worked at a climbing centre, which helped me secure my job as a Ropes Specialist at Camp and I found my paid work was what I talked about most on my application and in my interview, as it was what I have spent the most time doing. 

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