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Summer Camp USA Scholar, Holly, is heading to Camp to spend three months as a Special Needs Camp Counsellor. Check out what experience she gained before applying for Summer Camp USA.

When applying for Summer Camp USA, you are asked about your experience relating to all things Camp. Obviously you’ll be working with children, so you need to go into detail about any previous experience you have working and/or leading children. 

Experience that stands out in your interview

The past year I was volunteering at Girl Guides for girls between 10-14 years old. As a Young Leader, my role was to not only organise and lead activities but to also make sure all the girls felt included and comfortable. One of the girls had special needs and I focused more of my time with her in order to establish a trusting relationship. I witnessed her develop and step outside of her comfort zone to participate in activities she may not have done before.

This was vital experience that gave me a great talking point in my interview as it’s a demonstration of my skills, which suited the role I will be playing at Camp as a Special Needs Camp Counsellor. 

Camp is about taking a step into the wilderness and getting outdoors, so you need to be prepared!

Through completing my silver Duke of Edinburgh award, I developed the basic skills of camping. We had to plan our own route, then over a weekend navigate that route, set up camp and cook an evening meal on a gas cooker. We walked about 35 miles through the sun and rain, all whilst carrying our camping gear, clothes and food supplies on our backs. At the time, it was tough but looking back now, it’s full of funny memories and was a great experience!

My experience of working at Girl Guides and the outdoor expereince I gained completing my Duke of Edinburgh award were great talking points on my Summer Camp USA application and in my interview.

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