Clean up your social media!

Here at BUNAC we love our social media and we have no doubt you do too! Trouble is, so do today's camp directors and they could be online right now, digging up what they can on their new camp counselors social media accounts.

BUNACs  social media tips

  • Make sure your privacy settings are as high as they’ll go.
  • Delete anything that you wouldn’t want your campers, their parents or your camp director to see. It isn’t unheard of for a camp director to withdraw a placement offer after they’ve found a distasteful picture of their new employee online. Whilst we don’t want to scare you, you should  remember that you’re spending your summer as a role model for young children, make sure your online profile reflects that.
  •  Have a nice, smiling profile picture, delete any of you falling out of a bar!
  • Check your Twitter profile and feed.
  • Before accepting any new camp friends think about the fact that your new employer or kids will try and find you online before, during and after camp, adjust what they can see accordingly .
  • Go through your Facebook timeline and delete anything anyone could find offensive. Also Google yourself to check what comes up: make sure you check through image section too.
  • After camp think carefully about accepting  friend requests with campers and camp directors. Do you really want them to see everything you get up to, especially if you’re planning on going back next year?

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