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Summer Camp USA is a lot of things - a lot more than 26, in fact. But here at BUNAC we love a good game. We have devised the ultimate alphabet of Summer Camp life, stretching from your As to your Zs and everything in between.

A is for...  Adventure! With up to 30 days to travel after camp ends, you can get out and see all the US of A has to offer! 

B is for... BUNAC! We’ve been sending people to camp since 1971, join the 120,000 who have been to camp with BUNAC!

C is for... Campfires! Get ready for some good old fashioned cheesy sing-a-longs.

D is for... Dance Parties! Apparently these happen a lot at camp. Like, a lot, a lot… Brace yourself.

E is for... Everlasting friendships!

F is for... Fancy Dress! The staples of your summer camp wardrobe.

G is for... Ghost Stories! Brush up on your spooky stories, the campfire is calling.

H is for... Holidays! Experience the 4th of July in style.

I is for… International CV experience!  Why spend your summer working at the local supermarket? Get some work experience that’ll really wow employers!

J is for… Jam or Jelly? Which is correct? The international debate continues.

K is for… Kids! Prepare to be a teacher / babysitter / older sibling / counsellor / role model / friend hybrid.

L is for… Laughter and lots of it!

M is for… Maine and Massachusetts! A large number of our camps are based in these beautiful states.

N is for… Nature! Watch out for the bears.

O is for… Oreas! Tasty, tasty biscuits. Oh, sorry, we mean cookies.

P is for… Parent Trap! Want to know what camp is like? Just watch the Li-Lo classic, back when she was sweet and innocent…

Q is for…  Quick Thinking! After spending 8-10 weeks working with children, you’ll be able to deal with anything!
 is for Rewarding! You’ll be a role model and leader to your campers.

S is forS’mores! The tasty camp classic. A marshmallow sandwiched between chocolate and gram crackers. Mmmm nutritious.

T is forTeaching experience! Thinking about going onto teach? Get some amazing CV experience that’ll help your application stand out from the crowd.

U is for USA! USA! USA! *chants*

V is forVariety! No day is the same at camp.

W is for Water! Life revolves around the lake at camp! Swimming, kayaking, wakeboarding, water –skiing, we could go on.

X is for… Xtreme Sports! Fancy teaching mountain biking or skating to kids?

Y is for… You’ll never forget! You’ll be telling ‘This one time at camp…’ stories for the rest of your life!

Z is for… Zzzs! We can’t promise you’ll be catching many of these at camp!

Have our ABCs inspired you to take the plunge to camp life? There’s still time to apply for our Summer Camp USA programme and be there this summer! Give us a call on 0333 999 7516 or sign up online to start your application.

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