5 Things I'm Packing for Summer Camp USA

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Hi! My name's Dean and I'm a 2019 BUNAC Summer Camp USA Ambassador! It's my first time at Summer Camp USA and I'm currently deciding what to pack! I'll be in America at Summer Camp USA for 3 months so I had to consider all the places I'll be going and what activities I'll be getting involved in. Here's a list of my top 5 must-pack items!

1. Torch

My first and most sensible item I’m taking to Camp! At Camp Sloane, I will be staying in canvas tents at night so I felt that a head torch would be super helpful! 

2. Kilt

As I will be representing Scotland while at Camp, I felt the need to come with something very Scottish to take with me. I've managed to pack my kilt with the sporran and belt ready to wear on any special days.

3. Sunglasses

I will be expecting a fantastic, sunny summer in Connecticut this year - with a glaring sun and being by the lake or pool I have invested in a good pair of sunglasses.

4. Camera

I have done lots of travelling and one thing I always take is a camera. I have a diploma in photography and a big fancy camera but I really enjoy using my little camera that has a little flip screen so I can see the ideal angle to get the best selfie - perfect for travelling around America.

5. Harmonica

Coming to America with no real musical talent and working and entertain kids over the summer, I thought this would be a great item to take - perfect for around the camp fire (well...I can at least wing it for comical value if nothing else)

Want to keep up with Dean's Summer Camp USA adventure? Head over to Dean's profile and check out is photos over on our Instagram.

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