5 Things I Did to Get Ready for Summer Camp USA

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Sarah is heading to Summer Camp USA to spend her summer as a Metal's Counsellor! Check out the top 5 things she did to get ready for her 3 months in the States.

Research Camp

So you've been hired by a Camp, congrats! They'll have told you all you need to know about your role at Camp and what to expect, but find out as much as you can! Check out your Camps website, watch their videos, follow their social medias and really prepare yourself for what to expect so you can be ready for anything!

Most Camps will have some sort of staff page where you can introduce yourself and meet your fellow counsellors. Dont be shy and give a nice big friendly hello, a bit about yourself and get chatting! Make sure to complete any extra training, quizzes or forms that the Camp may ask for on time and make sure to drop an email to someone at Camp if you have any unanswered questions!

Sort Your Health Stuff

You'll have had to see your GP for your medical form already, but make sure to sort out any minor ailments or medication you may need in plenty of time before you fly! Make sure you have enough of whatever medication you may need to last you the entire time you're away. 

Also, make sure to see your dentist to get a check up - you don't want toothache whilst at Camp! 

For those of you to be deprived of perfect eyesight like myself, it might also be worth having an eye test before you go. And perhaps getting yourself a spare pair of glasses!

Paperwork Safety

You're going to have a lot of forms sent to you either in the post or through email and you never know when you're going to need them!

Photograph them, scan them, print off anything important that you might need either for Camp, your flight or your visa. BUNAC does a great job of making it easy for you by sending you the important stuff with lots of detailed instructions, it's your job to keep them safe!

Invest in a plastic folder or envelope and keep all your documents together so that when you fly to Camp, you aren't panicking last minute! Dont let them sit crumpled at the bottom of your backpack!

Get A Cheap Phone

Unless you already have a phone that is unlocked and you can put a new SIM card in it, it might be worthwhile getting a cheap, throwaway phone to take with you.

BUNAC will send out an American SIM card for you to top up for any calls you may need to make, either to Camp, CIEE or even to make travel plans with new friends once Camp is over!

It's also worth checking with your phone network to see whether America is included in their network. You might be able to use your own phone just as you would at home! If not, be aware of roaming charges which can build up over three months!

Attend Orientation Day

BUNAC will contact you to let you know about your nearest orientation. Although this list so far has been recommendations, orientation is mandatory!

It's the best way to really prepare for Camp, ask any questions, and meet people who may be going to the same Camp as you! It'll be a day full of important information and your chance to ask questions face-to-face with the people who know the ins and outs of Camp.

It's also a great introduction into the energy you'll experience at Camp! There will be singing, dancing, icebreakers and games and it really is a great way to loosen up and embrace your role as a Camp Counsellor! Trek America will also be there with a special 10% discount for those considering going on one of their many tours of the USA. There's also free sweets!

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