5 Reasons I Wanted to Spend Summer in America

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Summer Camp USA Scholarship winner, Mahriya is heading to Camp Robindel to spend an exciting summer as an Outdoor Activity Leader. Check out her top 5 reasons she decided to choose Camp this summer.

1) Experience a Different Culture

I’m really interested in learning about different cultures and wanted to experience a culture I’ve not yet experienced. I enjoy visiting other countries and living life there not as a tourist - I thought Summer Camp USA would be perfect for me!

2) I love working with children

I could get the experience of working with children here in the UK, but why not get experience working with children abroad?! I wanted the unique experience of working with children from different cultures and Summer Camp USA is a great way to get this experience

3) To learn more about US culture

I studied American History when studying in school and it sparked my interest to learn more. I also want to have a first-hand experience of how 4th July is celebrated in the US, as well as other celebrations we don't have in the UK. 

4) The 30 days of travel you get after Camp!

It’s like work and a holiday in one! You have 30 days to travel the USA after you've finished at Summer Camp. Woo, can’t wait!

5) An experience of a lifetime

I’ve heard lots about how working at Summer Camp USA gives you the chance to try an endless amount of activities and offers so many opportunities that you probably couldn’t get anywhere else. It will be the summer of a lifetime.

Want to experience the US like Mahriya? Take a look at Summer Camp USA and get ready to apply when our 2020 applications open.

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