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Name: Marisa Poulakas

Hometown: London

Position: Summer Camp Coordinator

Countries visited: America, Mexico, South Africa, Bahrain, Abu Dhabi, Spain, Germany, Greece, Cyprus, Holland & many more places all over Europe!

Favourite place you've and why: New Orleans! With the historic colourful buildings, jazz soulful music, the eccentric people & all the Carnival craziness, New Orleans has a charm unlike any other city I've visited. Plus I love a good Southern accent!

Ideal next trip destination and why: Peru! I love an adventure & would love to go hiking and visit the ruins of the Inca

Favourite Bunac Program and why: definitely summer camps! Spending your summer at a camp in the U.S is an amazing way to meet new friends, act like a kid for 3 months in the sunshine & get some experiences that will prepare you for almost anything in life. Where else can you go jumping into the lake, teach kids flying trapeze, eat s'mores and participate in colour wars all in one day?!

What you love about Bunac: I love how it encourages people to get out of their comfort zone, experience every day working life in a different country & get to travel to so many amazing places

Fill in the blanks:

I couldn't live without chocolate brownies

I'm embarrassed that I love the Backstreet Boys!

A fun fact about me is I'm currently a competitive cheerleader & have a few circus skills up my sleeve!

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