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Here at BUNAC we pride ourselves on our sense of team spirit, love for travel and expertise across all of our departments - that's why we want you to get to know us. Meet Conor, BUNAC's Summer Camp Coordinator! He's a BUNAC Summer Camp USA Alumni and after having the best summer ever at Summer Camp, he's now here helping you fulfill yours!

Name:  Conor Gough

Job title: Summer Camp Coordinator 

Describe yourself in three words: Perfectionist, Fun, Loyal

What’s your fave song to sing to in the shower? Anything by Justin Bieber - don’t judge me.

If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be? Chinese takeaway

Where is your dream city that you want to live? Kuala Lumpur

Where’s next on your travel bucket list? Tokyo is my next stop - it looks like they are living in the future so I would love to experience it.

Tell us about your favourite travelling memory: My favourite travelling memory is my most recent! From September to December, I travelled with some of my best friends round South America. Ecuador > Colombia > San Blas Islands > Panama > Costa Rica. The experience of a lifetime. 

Why do you love working for BUNAC? I will always remember my first year at Summer Camp and from the very first contact with BUNAC they took all the nerves and stress away from me! I would love to do that for new Summer Camp USA participants and help start their Summer Camp experience in the best way!

What would you say to someone who was unsure about going travelling? One thing that you will never waste your time or money on is travelling. See another place, discover different cultures, experience different points of view and change your perspective. Travel is the greatest thing you can do. 

AND LASTLY, what is your travel philosophy? Live for the day. Imagine you’re a time traveler and you have come back to this specific day to live it again, all the bad and good. Live and feel every moment. (Yes this is from the film ‘About Time’).

Fancy following in Conor's Summer Camp footsteps? Check out our Summer Camp USA programme and have your best summer yet!

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