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Here at BUNAC we pride ourselves on our sense of team spirit, love for travel and expertise across all of our departments - that's why we want you to get to know us. Meet Claudia, one of the sweetest humans on earth, who also happens to be BUNAC's incredible Work Abroad Team Leader. She originally hails from beautiful Peru but grew up in Birmingham, and has travelled to 30 countries (and counting). Find out more about our fav Brummie and go-travel guru... 

Name: Claudia Barahona

Hometown: Mollendo, Peru but I am a Brummy at heart as I moved to Birmingham as a kid.

Position at BUNAC: Work Abroad Team Leader 

Countries visited: Over 30 and counting. A few of my favorites are France (My French partner made me write this!), Croatia, Poland, Kenya, Morocco, China, India, Cuba, Mexico, Colombia…

Favourite place you’ve been and why: New Zealand, no question! I just love its natural beauty not to mention its super friendly people, cute Kia birds and Maori culture. It’s the most peaceful and serene place I have been. Oh and I did get to swim with wild dolphins, so pretty much ticked all the boxes! 

Ideal next trip destination and why: I have been dreaming of Burma for a while! I am really drawn to off the beaten path destinations and I would like to get there before while tourism is still in it’s baby steps.

Favourite BUNAC Program and why: In case you have not guessed it already it is the Work New Zealand and IEP programme. New Zealand is an amazing place to visit so having the chance to stay and experience it as a local is an unmissable opportunity. The IEP programme is extra special too as it allows those of us over 30 or who want to go back again a chance to do so.

What do you love most about BUNAC? The fact that it enables people to discover other countries not only as a tourist, but as a local resident. There’s so much to learn by doing this!

Fill in the blanks

I couldn’t live without: my kindle. 

I’m embarrassed that I love: the smell of a good steak. You might call me a bad vegetarian.

A fun fact about me: I lived in the Ecuadorian jungle teaching English to the Huarani’s, and used to take care of baby monkey named Tano . He was the cutest!

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