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From how to get a working holiday visa to must-see sights to add to your bucket list, get the lowdown on Work Japan from BUNAC Sales Specialist and expert in all things Japan, Bethan.

What time of year is best to go?

Japan is a great year-round destination! My favourite time of year was March/April as it’s cherry blossom season - one of the most beautiful times of year!

With Japan hosting the Rugby World Cup 2019 and Tokyo 2020 Olympics, it’s definitely an exciting country to travel to over the next couple of years! You can time it so you're there for the rugby, see the cherry blossom season and experience the Olympics all in your year working in Japan.

How do I get a working holiday visa for Japan?

Japan working holiday visas will become available on the 1st April 2019 for UK passport holders and you can get assistance with the Japan visa process on the BUNAC Work Japan programme.

What type of jobs can I do?

There are so many different jobs you can do in Japan! From food and beverage and retail opportunities to teaching English and even working in a ski resort, there is a job suited to everyone. The Work Japan Essentials programme is great if you’re looking for job support whilst you’re out there and the Work Japan Ultimate Ski programme is perfect for those looking for a pre-arranged ski resort job.

Do I need to speak Japanese?

No! The jobs available on the Work Japan programme are English speaking so being able to speak Japanese is not necessary. Living in Japan for up to 12 months is a great excuse to learn though! You can opt in to have language lessons whilst on the Work Japan programme which is a great way to immerse yourself fully in the Japanese culture.

What are the must-see things to do whilst I’m there?

There is so much to see and do in Japan that you’ll never get bored! Here are my top five:

  • Whilst you’re in Tokyo, the Shibuya crossing at night is an amazing thing to witness
  • Don't be afraid to leave the hustle and bustle of Tokyo to visit more rural areas for the authentic countryside. Get the shinkansen (bullet train) – it’s the fastest train in the world!
  • Karaoke nights! They are so common in Japan - you can hire a room for as long as you want and sing your heart out all night
  • Visit the stunning shrines and temples all over the country – make sure you take your camera!
  • Eat everything you can! Don't be afraid of trying new things, the cuisine is incredible - I've tried locust before and they were surprisingly good!

If you want to experience Japan just like Bethan, then start your Work Japan application today and get ready for the Japan working holiday visas becoming available on 1st April 2019.

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