Working as a Student Marketing Co-ordinator for BUNAC

Mike Gries who worked as a BUNAC SMC (Student Marketing Co-ordinator) at the University of Exeter for the past year tells us about his experience.

Last summer I worked in America on a BUNAC programme. After an amazing summer in the States I was given the opportunity to work for BUNAC as a Student Marketing Co-ordinator (SMC). During the SMC training day (at BUNAC HQ in London) I learnt about all the programmes that BUNAC has to offer and our knowledge was tested in a series of hilarious role-playing exercises. We were also given a cool BUNAC t-shirt! I headed back to my uni (Exeter) and started promoting with the copious amounts of flyers and posters we were given to kick-start our promotions on campus.

SMCs are expected to work 4 hours a week for BUNAC, however you can always do much more than this and you’ll get more money! I think the best tool you have as a SMC to help promote BUNAC is your own experience. Being a SMC is a really flexible job position and you can fit your BUNAC work around your other university commitments.

Working as a SMC is a fun role which provides the opportunity to work towards paying for a BUNAC programme, so you can jet off to America, Canada or even Chile on your next adventure of a lifetime for free! In addition, it looks great on your CV, especially if you’re interested in pursuing a career in marketing or sales. I’ve no doubt that my experience as a SMC helped me secure my position on the Aldi grad scheme which I’m looking forward to starting in August.

Want to work as a BUNAC Student Marketing Co-ordinator at your university? Check out our Student Marketing Co-ordinator job specification and call us on 033 3999 7516 or email to find out more!

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