BUNAC's Best 10 Foods To Try Abroad

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Feeling peckish? Why not eat your way around the world and try some new and exciting food in some of the countries you could visit with BUNAC?

Here are BUNAC’s top 10 foods to try during your trips abroad

Canada - Poutine - This indulgent savoury dish is anything but your standard chips, cheese and gravy. It's a legacy in Canada, with entire restaurant chains devoted to max-ing out your poutine with the best and most obscure ingredients your heart desires! 

China - Baozi: Little pockets of yum, these steamed buns are filled with various meats and/or veggies. While they're a typically popular breakfast item, they can be eaten with any meal as a quick snack while you're soacking up the culture and wandering through the streets.

Ecuador - Ceviche: A deliciously refreshing seafood dish, decked out with fresh lime, coriander and the every-trendy - avocado.

India - Panipuri: Spicy with a sweet tamarind chutney, this street-food is an Indian staple especially throughout the busy streets of Mumbai. 

Nepal - Dal bhat: Is a traditional staple Nepalese meal and is generally eat mid-morning and in the early evening. A mixture of traditional and seasonal ingredients, this dish consists of bhat (boiled rice), dal (a lentil soup,) a chutney or pickle and sometimes tarkari. 

New Zealand - Hangi: Think of your favourite Sunday roast but cooked in the ground in a pit oven. This Maori tradition is steeped in culture, flavour and is bound to keep you full!

South Africa - Koeksister: This South African doughnut is twisted and shaped into a small, round plait. Crispy, syrupy delicious and honey tasting!

Thailand - Mango Sticky Rice: Mango? Good! Rice? Good! Coconut? GREAT! Add them all together and you've got the dessert dish that most of BUNAC dreams about. We can just smell the amazing-ness of it now...

USA - Chicago deep-dish pizza: This definitely isn't your thin-crust freezer pizza. Stack about 4 of those on top of each other with the freshest ingredients, grab your knife and fork and prepare to dig in to the cheesy, amazing goodness that is a Chicago deep-dish. 

Vietnam - Goi Cuon: A deep-fried spring roll's healthy alternative. Think the deliciousness of a spring roll, but chilled, refreshing and the perfect mix of sweet and savoury. YUM!   

We may be back in the office from exploring and trying all these delicious eats, but now it's your turn to treat your taste buds! Give us a call on 033 3999 7516 to find out how you can you book your trip, start tantalising your taste buds and making us jealous with all the YUM you're about to experience!

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