12 travel tips every backpacker should know

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1. Travel Light

Baggage allowances between airlines can vary so to avoid getting stung by any ridiculous extra baggage charges make sure you travel light. Pack travel sized toiletries to avoid weighing your case down and remember than you can always buy clothes in the place you’re heading to (often at a much cheaper price) so there’s no need to try and pack your entire wardrobe! 

2. Embrace the local life

Be confident and speak to locals, try the street food and eat in local restaurants. They might seem intimidating at first but you will often be surprised at how much people will go out there way to make you feel welcome. Learning the local language will go a long way too. Picking up on the words for ‘hello’, ‘goodbye’, ‘please’, ‘thankyou’ and ‘beer’ should keep you in good stead! 

3. Always keep your passport out of sight.

You never know who might be snooping around your hostel or hotel so make sure you keep your passport and valuables out of sight (in a safe if possible). It’s always good to make photocopies of your passport and put them in different bags or give them to friends, just in case. 

4.  Screenshot directions

Use the WiFi in local cafes or hostels to find out where you’re going and take screenshots for when you’re out on the road. 

5. Let someone know

Even if you don’t want Mum and Dad breathing down your neck while you’re off gallivanting, it’s always best to let someone know where you’re heading and how long you’re going for. The last thing you want is not to be able to get in touch with someone back home if there is an emergency. 

6. Invest in entertainment 

As much as you’d like to just hop from one place to another, the truth is it can take time to get from A to B. It’s always best to invest in some form of technology like a kindle/iPod/tablet that can store hours of entertainment to keep you occupied. 

7. Get an international student card 

You can get discount all around the globe with one of these – a great way to save pennies on your travels. . 

8. Swat up

To make the most out of the places you visit ensure you do plenty research before you go. 

9. Walk places if you can

 If possible try to walk places to avoid paying pricey taxis fares. Find out about the local transport too and how to use it. You’ll find it’s quite simple to use and a fraction of the price of a taxi. 

10.  Speak to people 

Don’t be afraid to speak to people who are in your hostel or when you’re out and about. You’ll often find they’re in the same boat as you and will have some great tips and recommendations on where you're at or going to next. 

11. Split up your money 

Separate your money and credit cards into different places like rolled up in some socks or in a wash bag. It’s always good to be extra prepared! 

12. Get some rest 

Spend a couple of days relaxing by a pool, eating some decent food and getting an early night. Globetrotting can take it’s toll on the  body so to avoid getting tired and grumpy, pencil in some quality chill out time. 

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