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"Going to camp" for up to 10 weeks each summer is a well established North American tradition in a country where summer holidays last for 2/3 months and the weather is generally hot and sunny. Working at a summer camp in the USA is often described as 'the hardest job you'll ever love!'. BUNAC has teamed up with CIEE, the USA's largest visa sponsor and international exchange organisation to be able to offer applicants the opportunity to work at camp. Combined with BUNAC's 52 years' experience helping young people work abroad, we've created the summer camp dream team!

All camps strive for a dedicated staff of energetic general camp counsellors or skilled coaches and instructors. You do have an opportunity to tell us which type of camp you would prefer to go to, but the more flexible you can be, the greater your chances of placement. The camps where we place participants have high standards and are approved by the American Camping Association or similar accrediting bodies.

To find out more about what a typical day looks like or the types of camps available, check out the following articles.

Types Of Camps

Non-profit camps

These camps are slightly different to the traditional private summer camps, as many rely on donations and fund raising in order to run summer camp programmes. They are similar to that of private summer camps as they are located in beautiful settings around the USA, although the accommodation and equipment may be a bit more rustic.

However, this won't affect the amazing and rewarding time that you will have working with the children, teaching them various activities and enriching their lives

Independent camps

These camps are independently owned and attract children from middle to high income families. All camps are different in their approach - some have very rigid structures, where others have a more relaxed structure.

Many of these camps are base near the waterfront and are highly sport orientated, from water sports to rock climbing. These summer camps recruit activity specialists from the UK to teach these sports to children of all abilities, as well as being responsible for a group of campers as a cabin cousellor. You can usually find these camps nestled in a rustic area with log cabins ready for counsellors and children.

Girl Scout camps

At Girl Scout camps, there is a major focus on outdoor living and outdoor activities. These types of camps are made up of canvas tent style accommodation that usually houses up to 8 people per tent.

At these camps you can re-connect with the great outdoors, as many do go 'back to basics', so lanterns may become an essential part of your kit as a camp counselor! You'll most likely enjoy a good camp fire session with everyone at the camp and have an opportunity for a sing-along.

Special Needs camps

For a truly rewarding experience, there is nothing better than working at a special needs summer camp in the USA. Special needs camps cater for children with a range of different needs, from learning difficulties to mental and physical disabilities and camp counsellors will tend to look after 2 to 6 campers.

If you have experience working with special needs children or would like to work at one of these camps, you will definately have a rewarding time and create life-long memories!

Day Camps

Very similar to private summer camps, day camps offer children the opportunity to spend time in the outdoors instructing a variety activities and games. These will include the typical summer camp activities including arts & crafts, sports & games, performing arts and so on. The main difference with day summer camps is that they’re not residential - essentially, the campers go home at the end of the day and return in the morning.

Jewish Camps

Since summer camp is huge part of Jewish culture in the US, we work with a great number of Jewish camps in America. There is a huge demand for Jewish applicants from the UK as International staff provide a different cultural perspective for a camp.You'll provide a global connection to the Jewish community and share your cultural experiences from back home in the UK.

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