Terms & Conditions for Intern in Britain

Terms and Conditions Our Agreement with You We are BUNAC, Working Adventures Worldwide and Our Agreement with You sets out what you are legally entitled to expect from us when you purchase travel services through us. Please read the following information very carefully. If you are still unsure of any aspect of your chosen program, please contact the specific programme team in BUNAC’s Head Office. The description of the program constitute the general conditions pertaining to each of the programmes we offer. General • All applications will be considered in order of receipt. • BUNAC reserves the right to close the program at any time and cancel participants from the program. • The minimum age is 18 • All costs are correct at the time of print. BUNAC reserves the right to pass onto participants any additional charges and/or taxes levied by governments or government agencies. • BUNAC cannot accept liability for any loss or damage to any documents giving evidence or support in connection with your applications. It is your responsibility to contact BUNAC if you have not had a response from us after sending in information. You should photocopy everything before sending it to BUNAC. • You authorize BUNAC to pass along your contact details to STA Travel for flight options When you book onto the Intern in Britain Program you will pay a £100 non-refundable deposit. The following payment deadlines will then apply: • Once you wish to submit your online Employer Application and Agreement Form you must pay the reminder of your final balance before BUNAC can process with the remainder of your application. • Your Employer Screening and the issuing of your Certificate of Sponsorship will not be completed until this final payment has been received, and you have watched the pre-departure online orientation. By booking onto the Intern in Britain Program you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions. Intern in Britain Code of Conduct I confirm that I have evaluated and agreed to the internship offered by my UK employer as described on the Employer Application and Agreement and that it will help further my academic and career goals. I understand and agree to the following: The following applies to your Tier 5 visa compliance: • The internship described in the Employer Application and Agreement is the only employment I may undertake whilst in the UK under this program. • I will not enter the UK before, nor remain in the UK beyond, the dates specified on my UK visa. • I will participate fully in all aspects of my internship including: - Pre-departure online orientation - UK Entry Form and Tier 5 visa upload - Monthly Online Check In's - Internship site visit (if required by BUNAC) - Final evaluation form • I will keep BUNAC informed at all times of my personal contact details in the UK (residence address, telephone number/s, e-mail address). • I will inform BUNAC immediately if, for any reason including early departure and termination, I am unable to complete my internship. • I will inform BUNAC immediately of any changes in circumstances which may significantly affect the internship. • I know of no reason why I may be refused a UK visa. • I agree to respect and abide by the laws of the United Kingdom during the entire period of my stay in the UK under this program. • I understand and agree that it is my responsibility to remain in, and to demonstrate on demand to BUNAC, compliance with the program insurance conditions, i.e. maintaining no less than $500,000 medical coverage for the full duration of my stay in the United Kingdom. • If I have provided a financial guarantor for my proof of support funds then I understand that it is their responsibility to look after me financially and BUNAC will not be held responsible if I require financial assistance The following applies to your sponsorship with BUNAC • I understand that BUNAC may rescind their sponsorship and inform the UK Border Agency at any time if I do not remain in full compliance with these program conditions and applicable UK Immigration regulations. Once so notified by BUNAC, I understand that I must immediately depart from the United Kingdom. • The terms of this Internship Agreement may not be abridged or otherwise altered without the express written permission of BUNAC. Any additional agreement between the Employer and Intern may not contradict or override any of the conditions of this agreement. • In the event of a dissatisfaction or concern from yourself or the employer BUNAC may step in to review the situation and can terminate your sponsorship if no solution if presented. • If I or my employers are found to be in breach any of the conditions BUNAC may rescind my sponsorship immediately. If an issue occurs I understand that BUNAC may investigate and if so must be provided with all required information. The following applies to your Tier 5 visa • I understand that visas are issued at the discretion of the British Government. BUNAC is not responsible for any visa applications delayed or refused, and so BUNAC cannot be held financially liable for delays in the visa processing. • In the process of a visa refusal BUNAC does not have the ability to question the UK BA’s decision and I will have to dispute this with them directly. • I am responsible for submitting my own visa application within three months of receiving my Certificate of Sponsorship. • I understand that I should not book my flights until I have received my Tier 5 visa and BUNAC cannot be held responsible for any financial costs incurred in amending or cancelling flights. • I understand that I am solely responsible for checking with the consulate in my country what the visa process and guidelines are. If a mistake is made on my visa application BUNAC will assist me in order to correct this however not be held accountable for any mistakes made. • If I choose to receive my pre-departure documents outside the USA, I agree to pay the extra shipping costs. BUNAC’s Certificate of Sponsorship only package Cancellation Policy I agree to the following cancellation conditions: • At the time of booking you can pay a £100/ $100 non-refundable deposit which allows you to upload your documents except for the Employer Application and Agreement form. This deposit is non- refundable under any circumstances. • The final balance of the program is due when you submit your Employer Application and Agreement form. Your application will not proceed any further until BUNAC has received the second payment. • You are required to submit all documentation to BUNAC in order for us to start processing your application; we can reject your application at any stage. • If your application is rejected by BUNAC due to the rejection of any of your supporting documents / internship placement assessment you will be refunded the program fee minus £50 / $75 (this is not included in the non-refundable deposit). • If you withdraw from the program for any reason before your Certificate of Sponsorship has been issued, the program fee minus £200/$250 will be refunded (this is not included in the non-refundable deposit) • Once your Certificate of Sponsorship has been issued your programme fee total becomes non refundable. • BUNAC cannot accept responsible for any costs or delays incurred in visa processing or where your visa is refused BUNAC cannot be held liable in any way. • Cancellations are only deemed to be requested when written notification is received by BUNAC, but not otherwise. • Once your programme fee has been made (deposit or full payment) you must travel to the UK within 12 calendar months. No refunds will be due if you do not travel within those 12 months. BUNAC Internship package Application Process 1) Pay the £100 / $150 deposit to reserve your space onto the programme. 2) The Intern in Britain team will arrange an initial consolation with you to run through the application process and get your preferred internship start dates. After your initial consultation you will need to pay a further 50% of the programme fees. 3) Once your 2nd payment has been made you will be referred onto BUNAC’s internship partner. They will assess your previous experience and gain a background of your motivations to apply for the programme. 4) After we have found out what experience you have and what internship you are looking for we will ask you to submit a profile. This will include a CV, photo and university qualifications so we can start circulating your profile to potential internship companies. 5) Once you have been matched with an internship placement, we will arrange a Skype interview with the employer so they can ensure you’ll be a good fit within their business. 6) Once your offer has been confirmed we will inform you straight away. You now have 7 days to accept the internship and pay the final balance. 7) Finally, the exciting part, come to the UK and start your internship. Payment stages • At the time of booking onto the programme you will pay a £100 / $150 non refundable deposit. • After your initial consultation with BUNAC you will be required to pay 50% of the trips balance. It’s at this stage we will circulate your profile to potential employers. • Once your internship placement has been confirmed you will have 7 days to submit your final payment. Cancellations The programme fees are non refundable at each stage of the application; • Once your deposit is received this becomes non refundable • Once your 2nd payment is received this becomes non refundable • Once your final balance is received this becomes non refundable To change an internship start date will incur a fee of £200/ $250. Changes to the start date are not guaranteed and will be assessed on an individual basis. Accepting offers / not being placed • If BUNAC is unable to find you an internship we will refund you in full any fees you have paid minus the £100 / $150 deposit. • If BUNAC is successful in finding you a placement but you for whatever reason turn this down, the deposit and 2nd payment will be non refundable. • If you choose to turn an internship offer, BUNAC will endeavour to find you a second offer, however this is not guaranteed. If you are not offered a second offer your deposit and second payment are non refundable. • Once your programme fee has been made (deposit or full payment) you must travel to the UK within 12 calendar months. No refunds will be due if you do not travel within those 12 months. Declaration BUNAC will endeavour to fulfil our proposed Service Level Agreement when processing your application however if your application is delayed for any reason BUNAC will not be liable for any financial compensation incurred to your application. BUNAC cannot be held financially responsible for any delays in the processing of your Tier 5 visa at the British Consulate. BUNAC will endeavour to assist you in any visa issue however we cannot influence the UKVI on their processes and decisions and cannot be held financially responsible