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If you like the idea of combining travelling with working in exciting destinations, then BUNAC is for you! BUNAC offers the unique opportunity to travel New Zealand and cover your costs with casual jobs along the way.

Our ultimate package offers more than just help for the first few weeks upon arrival. Instead, BUNAC will support you from the moment of booking until your return to Germany. The Work New Zealand Paket offers comprehensive support with every aspect of your working holiday abroad, including German speaking travel advice prior to departure for New Zealand.

Why waste time and money when you could have already booked your flight, opened your bank account and have applied for numerous jobs?

Upon arrival in New Zealand, you will start your trip with a comprehensive workshop in the Job Centre in Auckland. You will be provided with vital information on travel, accommodation and work in country. During the workshop you will also open your bank account and organise your tax number, so that you can apply for jobs straight away and not waste any time.

The team in the Job Centre will assist you with your job hunt, help you set up your New Zealand CV and arrange individual consultation sessions on request about working and living in New Zealand. In the exclusive Online Members Forum you will be able to get in touch with other backpackers and have access to an exclusive Online Jobs Database with various up-to-date jobs in New Zealand’s backpacker market.



Flight dates

Work New Zealand Paket Standard

EUR 546.00

Year round



  • Visa fee

  • Insurance

  • Flights 

What's included

In Germany

  • German travel handbook
  • Lonely Planet Guide

In New Zealand

  • 2x hostel accommodation with breakfast
  • Voucher for the airport transfer
  • 12 months access to the Info Centre in Auckland
  • Waiheke Island trip
  • Access to the exclusive online jobs database
  • Arrival workshop about working, traveling and living in New Zealand
  • Job consultation sessions on request
  • Help with creating your New Zealand CV
  • Regular job newsletter und work updates
  • Access to the members forum
  • Help your bank account and tax number
  • Internet access and access to printers and computers
  • Postal service
  • Social events with other backpackers
  • 24/7 emergency telephone line


You will be applying for the working holiday visa which allows every traveller aged between 18 and 30 years to work and travel in New Zealand for up to 12 months. In order to book this programme you have to be aged between 18 and 30 and hold a German passport. Contact BUNAC today to find out more via telephone on a German line or send an email to

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Our working hours are Mo- Fr, 10:30-18:30
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