Events in the UK

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Events in the UK

BUNAC have teamed up with STA Travel and UK and Irish universities to travel the length and breadth of the UK to inform, inspire and whet your wanderlust! Whether you’re thinking of spending your summer in the States, taking a wander Down Under or hitting the slopes in Canada, all of our staff have had their own BUNAdventure and are full of useful information and real-life insights to get you on the way to your own trip of a lifetime. We are constantly adding new dates to our events calendar so check back later for an event near you.

All events are free to attend, but there are limited spaces available so call us now on 03339997516 or email us with your name, phone number and the event you wish to book and we'll reserve you a spot!

Event typeDateLocation 
Exhibition08 Feb 2017Manchester More info >>
Exhibition08 Feb 2017Belfast More info >>
Exhibition08 Feb 2017Belfast More info >>
Careers Fair09 Feb 2017Cardiff More info >>
Summer Camp Recruitment Fair12 Feb 2017Edinburgh More info >>
Summer Camp Recruitment Fair14 Feb 2017Limerick More info >>
Exhibition03 Mar 2017London More info >>
Gap Year Fair07 Mar 2017Winchester More info >>
Gap Year Fair16 Mar 2017Bromley More info >>
Gap Year Fair19 Mar 2017Surrey More info >>
Gap Year Fair20 Mar 2017Lougborough More info >>
Gap Year Fair21 Mar 2017York More info >>
Gap Year Fair23 Mar 2017Nottinghamshire More info >>
Gap Year Fair24 Mar 2017Shrewsbury More info >>
Gap Year Fair11 May 2017Berkhamsted More info >>
Gap Year Fair24 Jun 2017Windsor More info >>
Gap Year Fair27 Jun 2017Cheltenham More info >>
Gap Year Fair30 Jun 2017Bath More info >>
Gap Year Fair13 Jul 2017Edinburgh More info >>
Gap Year Fair12 Sep 2017Hampton More info >>


Attend one of our regional interviews with our experienced Summer Camp USA interviewers so we can discuss your skills and experience in more detail. This helps us find the right camp for you and after it's complete we'll fire your application away to all of our camp directors!

Can’t see an interview date below that fits in with your busy schedule? We still want to meet you (promise!) so give us a call on 033 3999 7516 and we'll be happy to arrange an alternative date for you. 

Date Location Availability
Sat 7th Belfast 3 spots
Sat 7th Manchester 2 spots
Sat 7th Nottingham 5 spots
Sun 8th Birmingham 7 spots
Sun 8th Bristol  7 spots
Sun 8th Cardiff 6 spots
Sun 8th London 7 spots
Wed 11th Dublin Camp Fair
Fri 13th Manchester Camp Fair
Sun 15th London Camp Fair

Sun 12th

Edinburgh Camp Fair

Tues 14th Limerick Camp Fair