Intern in Britain

At a glance
Cost 799
Eligibility Degree level students and recent graduates ages 18+
Duration Up to 12 months

About the Tier 5 Visa

In order to take part in an internship in the UK, whether it is paid or unpaid, you must obtain a visa. This is an authorization issued by the UK Government permitting you to enter the UK. One of the primary requirements of that visa is that you have a sponsor. You must first apply to BUNAC in order obtain sponsorship so that you may be successful in obtaining the Tier 5 visa.

You may only begin the visa application process AFTER you have successfully obtained a Certificate of Sponsorship from BUNAC. Upon issuing your Certificate of Sponsorship BUNAC will send you an email containing the Certificate as well as detailed instructions on the visa application process.

What does the visa application process look like?

1.     Create an account with the UK Border Agency to electronically fill out your visa application

2.     Complete visa application, schedule Biometrics appointment and submit visa fee ($356)

3.     Visit Biometrics appointment (this appointment is to enroll your fingerprints)

4.     Gather all necessary documents and send along with your passport to the UK Consulate General for processing

Visa rules and regulations

  • BUNAC doesn’t find a placement for you, but we can offer some advice to help in your search
  • This visa is valid only for the internship and employer described in the Employer Application and Agreement - you cannot change your internship
  • You must enter the UK on or after the start date of your visa to have it stamped properly
  • You must leave the UK on the visa expiry date but you may then be able to re-enter the UK as a tourist (not to work)
  • This is a multiple entry visa so you can leave and re-enter the UK to travel during your internship as many times as you like
  • Participants cannot take dependents (spouse, children) with them on this visa
  • The whole visa application process including having your fingerprints taken will take a minimum of 6 weeks.
  • You will be without your passport for approximately 15 business days during this process
  • Visas are issued at the discretion of the British Government
  • BUNAC is not responsible for any delayed applications or visa refusals
  • BUNAC reserves the right to reject an application at any stage.

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