Here are some useful publications that we recommend having a look at during your research.

Directory of International Internships
Authors: Charles Gliozzo and Kelly Bishop. Based on a survey thousands of organizations, this book lists over 200 internship programs located abroad, sponsored by U.S. universities and other organizations. Perhaps half of the listed internships have some payment in the form of a stipend and/or room. Excellent indexes by country and subject.

Academic Year Abroad and Short-Term Study Abroad
Listing around 5,600 study abroad programs sponsored by colleges and universities, over 1,500 of these include an internship, practical training, or volunteer component. All charge fees and most award academic credit; some offer scholarships. See indexes for internships, practical training, volunteer/service, and student teaching. These books can be accessed online at Use terms listed in the ADVANCED search under FORMAT - “internship”, “practical training”, “volunteer”, or “teach” with other desired search information.

Peterson's Study Abroad and Peterson's Summer Study Abroad
Similar to the IIE directories listed above, but not as complete. They list 3,400 programs, of which over 800 offer internships. See special index for internships. Available from Peterson's Guides.

The Internship Bible
Authors: Mark Oldman and Samer Harmadeh. The Internship Bible offers detailed information on non-academic internship programs offered by over 900 organizations. Around 120 of these may have overseas options (see country index) but the book usually does say whether overseas internships are actually available. There are also indexes for subject of interest, level in college, foreign students eligible, etc.