Finding an Internship

Finding an Internship

Your first step towards taking part in the Intern in Britain program is to find a placement. How long it takes to organize your placement will vary depending on your choice of career field. The key to success is research and persistence! 

Some example internship fields include:

Arts internships
Marketing internships
Engineering internships
Banking internships
Business internships
Law internships
Architecture internships
Parliament internships
Charities internships
Computer software development internships

When you are applying for an internship you should mention that you plan to take advantage of the BUNAC ‘Intern in Britain’ program in order to obtain a UK visa. You may want to include a link to our website. Most UK employers will be more likely to hire you if they know you will be securing the visa independently.

Your internship must be:

  • A supernumerary internship for a maximum of 6 months
  • A skilled position with a clear training plan
  • For a minimum 25 hours a week
  • Compliant with UK National Minimum Wage legislation
  • Should help you build relevant skills and overseas experience
  • With an employer that is a UK registered company, a UK registered charity or registered with a UK government department.
  • With an employer that has a full-time staff:intern ratio of at least 5:1

Your Internship can be:

  • A placement that you’ve organized yourself
  • Arranged by your university as part of your course requirements
  • Sourced via a placement agency
  • A paid or unpaid internship

BUNAC can only offer sponsorship for up to 6 months if you are undertaking a voluntary internship. If you are unsure if your internship qualifies please contact BUNAC or ask the employer to contact us for more information before you apply.

Prohibited Employers:

BUNAC will not sponsor anyone who wants to do an internship within the following sectors:

  • Hospitality sector (establishments providing meals, light refreshments, drink or accommodation)
  • Healthcare sector (establishments that specialize in services related to health and medical care, such as nursing, pharmacy  or care homes)

Good Luck!