Internship USA

At a glance
Cost 699+
Eligibility 18-38
Duration 1-12 months

Set yourself apart from the crowd by interning in the USA. Spend 1-12 months working as an intern anywhere in America. Once you've arranged your internship, BUNAC can help you obtain the visa that allows you to train in America. Spend a few months living your American Dream and don't miss this extremely rare opportunity. 

Want to work with children in the States? Check out our Summer Camp Exchange USA programme and spend your summer 2014 outdoors, teaching an activity you love. 

What's Included

Get started with BUNAC’s Internship USA programme: including pre-departure support, assistance with your visa application and 24/7 support whilst in America.

J-1 Visa

Apply for either an Intern or Trainee Visa to kickstart your Internship USA adventure.

Your Internship

Check out our Internship section for top tips on how to find a suitable internship.

My Employer

Find out what your American employer will have to do for your Internship.

How To Apply

Follow 6 simple steps and you could be starting your internship in America in 4-8 weeks!


BUNAC's handy tips and tricks on why you should intern abroad, travel tips for after your internship and FAQs!

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