Group Flights

Read all about Charlotte's trip to the land Down Under on a Group Flight, including her 3 day Hong Kong stopover on her blog!

Departure Dates

January 21st 2016 Fully booked!
January 28th 2016 Fully booked!
March 10th 2016 Seats available
June 16th 2016 Seats available
August 11th 2016 Seats available
September 1st 2016 Seats available
September 15th 2016 Seats available
October 20th 2016 Seats available
November 17th 2016 Seats available


Flight Code The Flight cost includes the "Discover Hong Kong" stopover Flight Cost
Z London  Hong Kong  Sydney (one–way to Australia) £980

  • Flights close 6 weeks before departure but we recommend early application to secure your place as seats are limited
  • All group flights travel to Sydney. If you would prefer to travel to one of our three other arrival cities you should book your flights independently.

Independent Travel

Most people book a BUNAC Group Flight; however, we appreciate that the dates or routes may not match everyone’s needs. If this is the case you can book your flights independently and still receive all of benefits of the Work Australia packages.