BUNAC will provide you with the necessary visa forms and guidelines to help you complete them. All documents are checked by BUNAC before the visa application is submitted and we’ll be on hand to answer any questions you may have.

Working Holiday Visa

This is the most popular choice for the first time visitor. You can apply for a 12 month visa (although you can stay for a shorter time if you wish). The visa is available to those between 18 and 30 years old. Perfect for working and travelling around New Zealand.

IEP Work Exchange Visa

This visa is exclusive to BUNAC and allows anyone between 18 and 35 years old to work in New Zealand for up to 12 months. You can apply to this visa even if you’ve previously had the standard Working Holiday Visa. The IEP visa is a programme visa, and as such is only available as part of BUNAC's Work New Zealand programme. It is not possible to purchase this visa separately.    

2014 IEP Exchange Visas have now sold out and we are not accepting any further names to the waiting list. There are still plenty of Working Holiday Visas available. Sign up for email alerts for more information about this programme.

Check the visa table below for more info.

Visa Information Working Holiday Visa IEP Work Exchange Visa
How long can I stay? 1 - 12 months (British Passport), 1 - 12 months (Irish passport) 1 - 12 months
How long can I work for? Up to 12 months Up to 12 months
What sort of work can I do? Any Any
What are the age limits? 18 - 30 inclusive 18 - 35 inclusive
Which nationalities can apply? British or Irish (Some other nationalities may be eligible. For a list of all eligible nationalities visit the New Zealand Immigration website.) British or Irish
Do I have to be in the UK or Ireland to apply? No Yes
Can I bring my children? No No
What support funds do I need?

a) when applying for the visa? 

b) when I arrive in New 
NZ$350 for each month in NZ (NZ$4200 for 12 months)


NZ$350 for each month in NZ = NZ$4200 for 12 months
Total of NZ$3000


How much does this visa cost? £105 (£85 visa fee + £20 admin) £189 (£159 visa fee + £30 admin)
Is there anything else that will help me decide? The most popular visa, ideal for a first working holiday to New Zealand. Flexibility to stay up to 23 months (extendable in New Zealand); multiple entry allowing you to leave and return during the validity. Once in a lifetime, but if you’ve had one of these before you can still apply for the IEP Work Exchange Visa. This is a unique visa to BUNAC/IEP. You can only have this visa once in a lifetime.

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