BUNAC's sister organisation in New Zealand, IEP have over 15 years' experience in helping Work New Zealand participants find work during their working holiday.

The staff in the Auckland resource centre are there to give you one to one assistance with all your job hunting needs from CV and cover letter writing to finding the right job for you whether you are looking for a seasonal job in the mountains to a career related job in the city.

BUNAC and IEP's job hunting services can dramatically reduce the time (and therefore money, as you will start earning money quicker!) that you spend when searching for work, giving you more time and money to spend on all the reasons you decided to head to New Zealand in the first place!

Work New Zealand Members Lounge

Once in New Zealand you will have access to the exclusive online member's lounge which has a job database searchable by job type/region, which is updated weekly with lots of great jobs around the country in a variety of roles for example hospitality, seasonal, office based, farming and travel/tourism.

Here is a sneak preview of some of the jobs on the job database:

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