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Cost 359+
Cost Group Flight option
Eligibility British 18-30 / Irish 18-35
Duration British or Irish 24 months

The 2015 BUNAC Work Canada Package is now open for bookings. The 2015 IEC visa release date has not yet been announced. Book now to receive advice on how to get ahead of the game.

Canadian Work Permit

The IEC Work Permit is perfect for working and travelling your way around Canada. There are a limited number of working holiday visas per calendar year and in 2014 the British quota ran out in under 30 minutes.

BUNAC have been helping people with their IEC Work Permit applications for over 25 years and previously processed all British visas on behalf of the Canadian High Commission.

Although you now apply for the IEC work permit direct from the Canadian High Commission, BUNAC can offer advice on the visa process to help you prepare ahead of the release date. One of the most common reasons for rejection is an incomplete or incorrect application, so ensure that you are one of the lucky ones who get their visa application accepted first time with BUNAC’s expert advice.

How can BUNAC help?

Once booked onto the programme, you will gain access to:

  • Our Preparation Webinars, covering
         - Information on Stage 1 of the IEC Visa process
         - Advice on what to do in preparation of the visa release date
         - Programme options - Essentials and Ultimate Packages
         - Information on work abroad insurance
         - Group Flight options, with an Iceland stopover
         - An insight into the comprehensive support you will receive in Canada.
  • A dedicated BUNAC online account with vital documents and guidelines
  • Access to our Canada Visa Team to answer any questions.

Secure your spot on the next webinar: Tues 24th February 2015

Are you eligible for the IEC Work Permit?

Nationality British Irish


18 – 30 inclusive

18 - 35 inclusive

How many visas were available in 2014? 5,350 7,700
Support funds You will need to prove you have access to $2,500 on entry to Canada
Do I need to be in my home country to apply? No, as long as your usual place of residence is your home country
How long can I stay? 1 – 24 months 1 - 24 months
How long can I work? Max. 24 months (for 1 or more employers) Max. 24 months (for 1 or more employers)
What sort of work can I do? You can do any kind of work in Canada on the working holiday visa category during your stay but if you want to work with children, teach or in the health field you will need to have a Canadian approved medical
Do I have to pre-arrange work? No
How much does the visa cost? 2014 cost: CAN$150
2015 cost: TBC by the Canadian High Commission
How do I apply for the visa? Via an online application on the IEC website
How many visas can I have in a lifetime? 1
When do I need to apply for a visa? As soon as the IEC opens the application process. 

This is usually either at the end or beginning of the calendar year. I.e. end of 2014 / beginning of 2015. The IEC applies the principle of "first come, first served" for both assigning places and processing applications.
Can I apply for a visa now? No. The 2015 quota has not yet been released.  

Don't want to wait? Check out our working holiday packages to Australia and New Zealand which are currently open for bookings, with plenty of visas available. 

All info correct as of February 2015.

Not a British or Irish passport holder? Check out if you're eligible for an IEC work permit on the IEC website.

If you have any questions about a working holiday in Canada please call us on 033 3999 7516.

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