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Work Australia Essentials £359

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Group flights From £960
1 year Working Holiday Visa £310
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Arrival accommodation Upgrade to 7 nights from £135
Fun Extras From £48

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When do I book and how much do I pay?

Reserve your place by either booking online or calling us on 033 3999 7516. We’ll hold your group flight when you pay for the Work Australia Essentials package. Any outstanding cost can be paid in installments in the time leading up to your departure (but before you travel!).

Group flights must be booked at least 6 weeks before the departure date but places are limited so we’d recommend applying as soon as possible. Call us now to check availability on your preferred departure. If you prefer you can sign up to the Essentials package now and then add a group flight or other arrival packages (surfing, accommodation etc) later.

Visas are made easy! The 12–month Working Holiday visa is perfect for working and travelling your way around Australia. The BUNAC visa team will look after all the visa processing on your behalf.

Visa Information Working Holiday Visa (WHV)
Age 18 – 30 inclusive
Over 30? View our Work New Zealand Essentials programme which offers an exclusive IEP Work Exchange Visa, allowing anyone aged 18-35 to work and travel New Zealand for up to 12 months.
Nationality British or Irish*

*Some other nationalities may be eligible. For a list of all eligible nationalities visit the Australian Immigration website.
Support funds: Australian Immigration require you to have access to minimum support funds on arrival in Australia. More information here
Do I need to be in the UK to apply? No
How long can I stay? 1 – 12 months
How long can I work? Maximum 12 months. Not more than 6 months with the same employer.
What sort of work can I do? You can do any kind of work in Australia during your stay.
How much does the visa cost? £310 (£290 + £20 admin charge)

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Join one of our group flights to travel with other BUNACers and enjoy a 3 day stopover in Hong Kong.

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