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Do many people travel on their own?

Yes. On average 70% of participants taking a BUNAC Group Flight join the programme on their own. The Discover Hong Kong stopover provides an ideal opportunity to make new friends.

When should I apply for the programme?

We recommend that you apply as soon as possible. Places are available on a first-come first-served basis. Applications for BUNAC group flight options must be received at least 6 weeks before departure. Those arranging their own flights must also submit their application at least 6 weeks before the intended departure.

What will it cost?


You should budget for the following costs:

  • Work Australia Essentials (£339)
  • Flight costs (either BUNAC Group Flight or independent)
  • Visa fee (£310)
  • Insurance (The BUNAC Work Abroad cover is available for up to 24 months. A 6 month policy costs £275.)
  • Fun optional extras – price varies
  • Spending money (the Working Holiday Visa requires that you have access to at least AUS$5000 on arrival in to Australia)

When do I have to pay?

You must pay for the Work Australia Essentials package at the time of making your online application. Any outstanding costs (group flights, visas, surf trips etc) must be paid no later than 10 weeks before your departure date. You can pay in instalments or all together. Regrettably we cannot offer a direct debit option.

Do I have to commit to a Group Flight?

The online application allows you to select a group flight and we’ll hold a seat for you on receipt of this initial application. However, if you are uncertain of your plans you can sign up to the Essentials package only and then add a group flight or packages at a later date. Group flights are offered on a first come, first served basis and we must get flight request no less than 6 weeks before the departure date.

Do I have to buy one of the packages?

The Work Australia gap year programme is based on the Essentials package. The other packages are intended to enhance the experience. However, they are optional and you are not obliged to add anything to the Essentials package. Most people taking a BUNAC group flight also pre-book at least 2 night’s accommodation.

Can I buy a package without joining the Work Australia Programme

The essence of the Work Australia gap year programme is the support and services that are included in the Essentials programme. The extra packages enhance the experience. The packages can’t be arranged without having the Essentials package.


If I book a BUNAC round-the-world ticket, will I be able to change it?

BUNAC flights are flexible and allow dates of travel to be changed for a fee of approximately £75. Changes are made subject to airline availability.

Tell me about the Hong Kong stopover

En-route to Sydney on the London-Sydney Group Flight, you will have a 3 day stopover in Hong Kong. The BUNAC rep at Heathrow will introduce you to the rest of the group and seats on the plane are pre-allocated to ensure you are sitting with other Work Australia participants.

On arrival in Hong Kong you will be transferred to a centrally located 3* hotel for two nights (rooms are based on two or three sharing and breakfast is included).

During your stay your English speaking guide will take you to see some of Hong Kong's most popular tourist highlights including Victoria Peak, Stanley Market, and the Aberdeen Fishing Village. There is also a group night out planned for one evening. Finally, having enjoyed a brief introduction to this frenetic Chinese outpost you will be transferred back to the airport in time for your next flight to Sydney.

The flight costs has changed since I first looked at the website. Why is this?

Whilst the flight costs are a constant, the airport/departure taxes and fuel surcharges can fluctuate and this may result in a change to the overall flight cost.

Do I have to fly to Sydney?

All BUNAC Group Flights will arrive in Sydney. Work N Holiday resource centres are located in Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Melbourne. If you are arranging an independent flight you can choose to travel to the city of your choice. 


What support funds do I need?

Australian Immigration explain that you should be prepared to show evidence of access to AUS$5000 (or £s equivalent) on arrival to Australia. If you arrive on a one-way flight you may need to show evidence of a further £500. You are not obliged to spend this money in Australia but it reassures Immigration that you have appropriate funds to support yourself for your initial stay. The funds can be either in your name or provided by a guarantor (such as a parent).

Can I extend my working holiday visa?

If you work for 3 months or more in the agricultural industry, you can apply for a 12 month visa extension. We will provide you with details as part of the programme departure pack.


How will you help me find a job?

Our Work Australia Handbook has useful tips that will help you prepare for the job hunt. On arrival in Australia, utilise Work N Holiday’s resource centre with job boards, computers, free internet and knowledgeable staff. You will be given access to Work N Holiday’s online jobs database which list 100s of current vacancies which are suited to people on a working holiday. Work N Holiday staff will also help you get your tax number and set up a bank account (both essential for potential employers).

If you are looking for a head start, why not consider the Skills package which has been designed to provide you with the necessary experience to find hospitality work.

What kind of work do people do?

Most participants work in retail, hospitality, agricultural (e.g. fruit picking/harvesting) or office temping. Typical jobs include serving in pubs and bars, waiting tables in restaurants and cafes, working in shops, housekeeping and reception work in hotels and hostels, and data entry and customer service roles.

How long can I work for?

If you have the Working Holiday Visa you can work for a maximum of 6 months with any one employer. You can work for up to 12 months in total; however, the spirit of the visa is to encourage travel which is subsidised by casual employment.


Does the Work Australia programme include accommodation?

Arrival accommodation is an optional extra providing you with the flexibility to tailor your arrival to best match your needs. It can be pre-booked for 2 or 7 consecutive nights to coincide with your arrival. We recommend that people book at least their first two night’s accommodation so that they have time to find their feet and become orientated in their new city. We use well equipped centrally located hostels; rooms are shared single sex dorms and the booking includes breakfast and airport shuttle.

Can I reserve a twin room in Sydney?

Subject to availability and an upgrade fee we can arrange twin accommodation for you and your travel partner/friend in Sydney. Please contact BUNAC for more information.

Where will I live?

Most participants live in hostels or rent shared flats/houses. It is common for people to share with other participants they meet on the Group Flight. Vacant properties and rooms are advertised online, in local newspapers, hostel notice boards and in Work N Holiday’s resource centres.

Do I have to stay in Sydney?

Sydney provides a good base to start your trip, but the visa allows you to work anywhere in Australia and there are many great places to live and work in Oz! The East Coast, Brisbane, Cairns, Melbourne and Perth are popular backpacker destinations, or you may like to see the real Australia by living in the outback for a bit – see the Organic Oz package for some ideas. We’ll send you a Lonely Planet guide when you apply which is packed with great places to visit.

How can I find out more?

Give us a call on 033 3999 7516 or come along to a free information evening.

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