Work America

At a glance
Cost 545+
Eligibility Full time uni students
Duration Up to 4 months

How to book and Costs 

Work America deposit: £100

Self Placement

Full Placement

£395 balance

£595 balance

Work America is now full for summer 2014. Our 2015 programme will be opening on 1st September, call us on 03339997516 or request a callback to find out more information.  

How to Book

1. £100 deposit and phone orientation 

Full Placement 
A member of our friendly BUNAC team will then call you to discuss your booking and motivations for going to the USA. We want to make sure we can match you to a job according to your preferences and experience, so don’t be shy! Once we have found a position for you we will be in touch to explain the next steps.

Self Placement 
View job listings on our Online Job Zone,  polish your US style resume and start drafting cover letters.

2. Upload your documents

Upload your supporting documents to your BUNAC online account, such as proof of student status and completed application form. 

3. 2nd payment

Pay the balance of your Work America registration fee.

4. Book your visa appointment

While BUNAC is requesting your visa paperwork, you can book your Embassy appointment via your BUNAC online account

5. Interview 

For Full Placement members only - when we have found a position for you, we will be in touch to arrange your interview, either by Skype or face-to-face. 

6. Online orientation

30 days before you leave for the States, you will have access to your pre-departure online orientation. This will cover everything you need to know before, during and after your time in the States.

7. Travel to America! 

Once your visa has been issued and your orientation completed, you are ready to fly to the USA! Our US office will be on hand to support you throughout the summer.

Other costs to consider: third party fees including your US visa fee, flights and personal support funds.

Email me when Work America opens

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