Work America

At a glance
Cost 529+
Eligibility Full time uni students
Duration Up to 4 months


Work America is now full for summer 2014. Our 2015 programme will be opening on 1st September, call us on 03339997516 or request a callback to find out more information. 

BUNAC’s preferred travel agent is STA Travel and they will be able to help you book your flights to and from America.

Give them a call on the BUNAC dedicated phone number 0871 468 0666 or get in touch at

You have the freedom to fly to and from whichever destination you choose in America. You must book a return flight to the States, as a requirement of your visa. We strongly advise you not to book any non-transferable flight until your J-1 visa has been issued and your passport returned by the US Embassy.

Email me when Work America opens

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