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Working on a summer camp is a fantastic experience for the right person - we encourage you to apply if you have experience working with children. Once you are on the programme, we'll work hard to match your skills, experience, background and preferences to a suitable camp vacancy.

Summer Camp USA is a fantastic experience for those who can: 
  1. Make it
  2. Prove recent experience working with children

Call us for more advice and to discuss your skills and experience on 0333 999 7516 or request a call back.


Making It

To be hired for Summer Camp USA you must be available for summer camp (we know, that’s a given).

Most camps request that you’re free for 10 weeks from June to August, while some camps are early birds and can start in mid-May. It’s also important that you love working with children because, let’s be honest, camp is for them first, you second.  

Oh, and don't forget, you might want to use up that 30 days of free travelling at the end... Just a hunch. 

Your Recent Experience

Camps generally look for people who have been working with children or teaching an activity in the past 12 months. Here are some great ways to boost your Summer Camp USA application: 

  • Volunteer with a local organisation / school / youth club.
  • Ask friends or family to see if they know anyone who can help you get some experience

The more recent and relevant experience you have, the more Camp Directors you’ll have checking out your application!

The Important Ticks to Consider:

  • Do you like working with children?
  • Are you friendly, energetic, enthusiastic, tolerant and caring?  
  • Are you able to commit to camp for 10 weeks, from mid May / mid June 'til the end of August?
  • Will you feel at home in an active, outdoors environment? We’re not talking Bear Grylls conditions, but at the very least it’d be awesome if you like forests and campfires and fresh air.

Please note that if you have ever been arrested or cautioned, this will affect your visa application. Please contact us before applying if you have ever been arrested or ever received a criminal caution or conviction.

Once you are on the programme, we'll work hard to match your skills, experience, background and preferences to a suitable camp vacancy.

Get the ball rolling with a summer camp interview!

With interviews happening all over the UK, the first step is to book your space with one of our experienced Summer Camp USA Interviewers! All of them have been to camp with BUNAC themselves so not only is this a time for us to find out more about you - it's a great chance for you to ask questions from those who live, breathe, eat, sleep and dream all things Summer Camp USA!

Can’t see an interview date below that fits in with your busy schedule? We still want to meet you (promise!) so give us a call on 0333 999 7516 and we'll be happy to arrange an alternative date for you. 


Attend one of our regional interviews with our experienced Summer Camp USA interviewers so we can discuss your skills and experience in more detail. This helps us find the right camp for you and after it's complete we'll fire your application away to all of our camp directors!  

Date Location Availability
Sat 22nd Belfast spots
Sun 23rd London FULL
Sat 12th Belfast spots
Sat 12th Edinburgh FULL
Sat 12th Exeter 2 spots
Sun 13th Cardiff 7 spots
Sun 13th London spots
Sun 13th Manchester spots
Sun 13th Nottingham 6 spots
Sat 19th Edinburgh FULL
Sun 20th Bristol spots
Sun 20th Liverpool spots
Sat 26th Dublin spots
Sun 27th Birmingham FULL
Sun 27th Cardiff spots
Sun 27th London spots
Sun 27th Nottingham 6 spots
Wed 30th London 5 spots