In a Nutshell

Working at a summer camp in the USA is often described as being 'the hardest job you'll ever love!' You'll gain valuable, CV enhancing work experience, plus you'll have the opportunity to travel around America and make friends from all over the world.

With low up front costs and a competitive in-hand salary, this is an affordable and rewarding opportunity you'll remember for a lifetime.

To get the lowdown on how to book, view our step-by-step guide here.

Get the ball rolling with a summer camp interview...

With interviews happening all over the UK, the first step is to book your space! 

Date Location Availability
Sun 11th Liverpool 6 spaces left
Sun 11th Cardiff 6 spaces left
Sun 11th Birmingham 6 spaces left
Wed 14th London 5 spaces left
Sat 17th Exeter 4 spaces left
Sun 18th Newcastle 6 spaces left
Sun 18th London  4 spaces left
Sun 24th Dublin 9 spaces left
Sun 24th Bristol 9 spaces left
Sun 25th Manchester 9 spaces left
Sun 25th Nottingham 5 spaces left
Sat 31st Edinburgh 9 spaces left
Sun 1st Glasgow 9 spaces left
Sun 1st London 8 spaces left
Sun 8th Leeds 9 spaces left
Sun 8th Cardiff 9 spaces left
Sat 14th Liverpool 9 spaces left
Sun 15th Birmingham 9 spaces left
Wed 18th London 9 spaces left

Call us on 033 3999 7516 to book your spot.