Why go with BUNAC?

Still deciding? Here are five reasons to book Work Australia 

  1. Meeting like-minded travel buddies on our Group Flights and by having year-round support from the staff in our Resource Centres makes moving to the other side of the world a lot less stressful and heaps more fun! 

  2. Our free, job assistance services can dramatically reduce the time you spend job hunting. Starting work in Oz just one week earlier means that you have more than paid for the programme and have more cash to spend on the things that matter – bungee anyone?

  3. The Work Australia Essentials Package is more than just a starter package – staff in all 3 Resource Centres are on hand to provide support and job assistance for the whole 12 months of your Australian adventure. We also cut the time you spend setting up bank accounts and tax numbers, meaning you can get started on the fun stuff even earlier!

  4. Our 3, dedicated Resource Centres in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney all provide unlimited internet access (at $4 an hour normally that can really start to add up!), a comprehensive arrival orientation as well as tax and banking advice. Use our services as little or as often as you wish while you travel around.

  5. With 50 years’ experience, our Work Australia Essentials Package is amazing value for money and gives you complete peace of mind.

Don't want to travel alone?

Join one of our Group Flights to travel with other BUNACers and enjoy a 3 day stopover in Hong Kong.

June 16th 2015

July 16th 2015

August 13th 2015

September 10th 2015

September 17th 2015

October 8th 2015

November 5th 2015

More 2015 dates coming soon...

Group Flights are very popular and seats can fill up to 4 months prior to departure. Call us on 033 3999 7516 to check availability.