Volunteer USA

At a glance
Cost 595+ or 839+
Eligibility Aged 18 - 50
Duration 12 days or, 8 - 12 weeks

Costs & Dates

Programme Cost
Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Catalina Island £595
Arizona, California £839

We ask that you include a £400 deposit at the time that you make your booking (which will be deducted from your programme fee). The balance of the programme cost is due no less than 8 weeks before your programme start date.

Full cancelation terms are provided in the Programme Terms and Conditions which are viewed as part of the online application.


Arrival Date Availability
July 26th 2014* Fully booked
9th August 2014* Fully booked
6th September 2014* Fully booked
20th September* Limited availability
4th October* Spaces available
18th October* Spaces available

*Please note
*There is no airport pick-up on 20th September

*The programme starting on 4th October is for 10 weeks only
*The programme starting on 18th October is for 8 weeks only




2015 Reserve List*
Arrival Date Availability
10th January 2015 Spaces available
7th February 2015 Spaces available
7th March 2015 Spaces available
4th April 2015 Spaces available

*Please note

  • 2015 dates are still subject to confirmation and can change slightly
  • In order to reserve a spot please give our Volunteer Team a call on 0207 870 9570


Arrival Date Availability
9th June 2014 Fully booked
23rd June 2014 Fully booked
7th July 2014 Fully booked
21st July 2014 Fully booked
4th August 2014 Fully booked
18th August 2014 Fully booked
1st September 2014 Fully booked
15th September 2014 Places available



Arrival Date Availability
2nd June 2014 Fully booked
14th July 2014 Fully booked
11th August 2014 Fully booked
6th October 2014 Limited spaces available




Arrival Date Availability
7th June 2014 Fully booked
28th June Fully booked
12th July 2014 Fully booked
26th July 2014 Fully booked
9th August 2014 Fully booked
6th September 2014 Fully booked
20th September 2014* Spaces available
4th October 2014 Spaces available
18th October 2014* Spaces available

* There is no airport pick-up on 20th September
* The programme starting on 4th October is for up to 10 weeks only
* The programme starting on 18th October is for 8 weeks only


Programme starting date still are to be confirmed. To find out more, please give us a call on 03339997516.

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