Volunteer Nepal

At a glance
Cost 850+
Eligibility British / Irish, 18+
Duration 2 - 12 weeks

We ask that you include a £250 deposit at the time that you make your booking (which will be deducted from your programme fee). Full cancelation terms are provided in the Programme Terms and Conditions which are viewed as part of the online application. The latest date we can consider your booking is 6 weeks before your UK departure date. However, places are available on a first come first served basis so we recommend that you apply as soon as you can.

Most flights from the UK travel overnight so it’s likely you’ll need to start your trip the day before the listed Arrival Date.

Interested in kick starting your Volunteer Nepal adventure?

Give us a call today on 03339997516 and our travel experts will be happy to answer any questions and get you started on your trip.


BUNAC’s preferred travel agent is STA Travel and they will be able to help you book your flights to and from Nepal.

Give them a call on the BUNAC dedicated phone number 0871 468 0666 or get in touch at bunac@statravel.co.uk

Alternatively, if you’d like to arrange completely independent travel then you’re more than welcome to as long as you arrive in Kathmandu for the start of the orientation.


Programme Duration Cost
Teaching or Orphanage 2 weeks £850.00
Teaching or Orphanage 4 weeks £1,050.00
Teaching or Orphanage 6 weeks £1,250.00
Teaching or Orphanage 8 weeks £1,450.00
Teaching or Orphanage 10 weeks £1,650.00
Teaching or Orphanage 12 weeks £1,850.00
Construction 2 weeks £1,150.00
Construction 4 weeks £1,650.00



Programme starting date
1st November 2014* 13th June 2015
15th November 2014* 27th June 2015
13th December 2014 11th July 2015
27th December 2014 25th July 2015
10th January 2015 8th August 2015
24th January 2015 22nd August 2015
7th February 2015 5th September 2015
21st February 2015 19th September 2015
7th March 2015 3rd October 2015*
21st March 2015 17th October 2015*
4th April 2015 31st October 2015*
18th April 2015 14th November 2015*
2nd May 2015 28th November 2015*
16th May 2015 12th December 2015
30th May 2015 26th December 2015

 *Minimum of 8 week commitment required

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