Wildlife Conservation South Africa

At a glance
Cost 995+
Eligibility 18+
Duration 18 or 32 days

Are you ready to get stuck in and help save these amazing animals? This project is dedicated to conserving rhino and elephants through active tracking and daily monitoring.  It is proven that rhinos, which are tracked regularly, are far less likely to be poached that rhinos that are not monitored. The volunteering experience will be exciting and rewarding and offer you a once in a lifetime experience.

You will be living with fellow volunteers and working alongside full time local staff. Also included are two fantastic day trips including a guided tour of the town of Soweto, home of Nelson Mandela and trip to a cultural village to learn some basic Zulu!

Rhino and Elephant Project

Roll your sleeves up and get actively involved in conserving rhinos and elephants on a beautiful reserve and help save these animals.

What's included

Find out what's included in the programme cost both prior to departure in the UK and upon arrival in South Africa.

Your Base

Check out your shared base where you and your fellow volunteers will be staying and spending your free-time off project.

Costs & Dates

Learn about available programme starting dates, durations and programme cost.


Check out the trips which are included in the programme cost and will make your time on project even more exciting.

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Find our more about fundraising tips, insurance and why to volunteer with BUNAC?

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