• Monitor cheetahs, hyenas, buffalos and leopards in a beautiful South African wildlife reserve
  • All food and accommodation provided
  • Gain great conservation experience in an amazing setting

Come face to face with South African wildlife in a spectacular reserve

How you can help

  • Tracking, collaring and monitoring of cheetahs, hyenas, leopards and other wildlife
  • Game capturing, management and relocating
  • Vegetation management
  • Reserve management and maintenance including fence monitoring and poaching prevention
  • Community education and awareness

Why your help is needed

Volunteers work on a conservation reserve and immediately get stuck into the day-to-day responsibilities. In order to protect South Africa’s incredible wildlife and habitats it’s vital that detailed information about its animals are collected and that reserves are maintained to a high standard.

Volunteers responsibilities include (but are not limited to) cheetah research and monitoring, leopard and hyena project assistance, buffalo monitoring, fence checks, reserve maintenance and all aspects of wildlife conservation and management. The range of responsibilities that volunteers hold means that they are able to make a number of genuine contributions to the reserve, making the project an extremely worthwhile and rewarding experience. The project is focussing their attention not just on cheetahs but across the board – they also do leopard research and brown hyena monitoring, for example.