• Conservation work in amazing locations, - choose from Catalina Island, Grand Canyon or Bryce Canyon
  • 12 day projects
  • The opportunity to discover the Great Outdoors
  • Ideal for a short volunteering break, as part of a longer visit to North America, or round-the-wrold trip

Help protect amazing natural beauty and enjoy recreational offerings at the same time

How you can help

  • Protect native plant community
  • Help with trail maintenance
  • Build or repair fences
  • Help protect local endangered species.

Project locations and bases

Grand Canyon
Get actively involved in conserving the natural environment of one of the world’s most famous natural sites which every year attracts up to 5 million visitors! You'll be assisting with the revegetation of this 500,000 hectar park which has the second greatest diversity of any National Park unit in the United States. Get close to 1,750 plant species, 9 of which you can only find in the unique flora and fauna of the Grand Canyon National Park. The work days finish early enough to be able to enjoy your evenings and at he weekends you will have free time to explore Bryce Canyon and the surrounding area.

Bryce Canyon
Established as a National Park in 1928, Bryce Canyon National Park covers a huge area marked by odd-shaped pillars of rock left standing from forces of erosion. You'll assist with the conservation efforts of the park and get to actively contribute to its conservation. As Bryce transcends 2,000 feet of elevation, the park spreads throughout 3 climatic zones and the diversity of habitat provides for a high biodiversity. The park is home to over 100 species of birds, dozens of mammals and more than a thousand plant species. You will get to roll up your sleeves and work in one of the States’s most spectacular sceneries!

Your Base - Grand and Bryce Canyons
Throughout your project you will be staying right in the National Park in the midst of beautiful scenery and if it's warm you could even camp underneath the stars! Upon arrival you will be provided with a tent for your personal use for the duration of your stay in the park.

Catalina Island
Off the coast of California, this beautiful island is home to more than 60 plants, animal and insect species found nowhere else in the world, but it is visited by more than one million people annually. More than sixty thousand school children each year visit camps on the Island alone. The programme works closely with two key Island stakeholders, the Catalina Island Conservancy and Catalina Island Camps with the aim to maintain the islands natural environments whilst providing access to its visitors. Volunteers work in small groups along with an experienced project supervisor.

Your Base - Catalina Island
Volunteers will stay on one of a number of camp sites depending on their project and will receive all meals. Each day they will travel to/from the project site, but as the Island is only small, travel times are short. The island is in constant need of conservation work, however, initiatives are often underfunded, making volunteer help highly valued.

For all 3 project locations, the work can be physically demanding, days are relatively long (around 8 hours) and volunteers should be prepared for extreme weather conditions, but the camaraderie and sense of achievement is immeasurable, and the location provides a truly memorable experience! You will still have time in the evenings and weekends to explore.

How long can I go for? Projects last 12 days (including your arrival and departure days). You could sign up to more than one project and use the break in between to travel. There is a discount for the 2nd and 3rd programmes.

Working hours: Up to 10 hours a day.

Eligibility: British/Irish, 18 - 50, eligible for the US Visa Waiver Programme. Volunteers should be physically fit, willing to work long hours in extreme temperatures, work well in a team, live in basic accommodation and be happy to get their hands dirty!