Why intern with BUNAC?

BUNAC's history

BUNAC was established in 1962 and is today recognised as a market leader in coordinating high quality, ethical volunteering programmes abroad. With over 50 years’ experience, and now providing volunteering programmes in Africa, Asia and the Americas, BUNAC’s expertise in establishing sustainable volunteer projects is unrivalled.

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Your safety

Prior to departure, volunteers have an informal orientation interview with one of our volunteer programme coordinators. This ensures that volunteers have the opportunity to ask any questions they have and to tell us all about their skills, experiences and preference, so we can be confident that the programme is suitable for them. Volunteers are also given advice about local culture, what to take with them and how to stay safe and aware while they’re away. We’ll be in regular contact in the build up to departure, and if volunteers ever have any queries they can just pick up the phone! BUNAC will contact volunteers with finalised details of the project and accommodation 2-4 weeks before departure to ensure that there is time for the volunteer to prepare. This includes full details of the project, project address, volunteer job role, and working hours.      

Volunteers are met at the airport by our local partners and given an day orientation, through which they are introduced to local culture and customs and given all the essential details about life on the project. BUNAC’s in-country partners ensure that the projects run smoothly and that volunteers are happy and safe. Our partners offer 24/7 support to all volunteers so are fully able to address any concerns or problems that might arise. BUNAC will also be in regular contact from the UK, and volunteers are free to phone or email our London office with queries while they are away.

Projects are sourced by our in-country partners, who are able to identify local needs. It is important that we are not taking away jobs from local people, but instead are adding new skills and experience to share with the community. Working closely with our in-country partners, we are able to ensure that our projects are carefully monitored, that volunteers can make a real contribution and that the resources are in place to ensure that volunteers work in a safe, secure environment. 

 BUNAC is a founding member of the Year Out Group. This is an association of independent UK-registered organisations that adhere to a code of practice which commits members to coordinating well-structured, quality volunteer programmes.

BUNAC supports the ‘Know Before You Go’ campaign, promoting safe travel.Have a look at the Know Before you Go website.

BUNAC is a founding member of WYSE Work Abroad, a trade organisation that has over 150 members from 40 countries. All members adhere to a Code of Conduct, providing quality work abroad and volunteer programmes that protect the welfare of participants around the world.