Internship USA

At a glance
Cost 699+
Eligibility 18-38
Duration 1-12 months

Set yourself apart from the crowd by interning in the USA. Spend 1-12 months working as an intern anywhere in America. Once you've arranged your internship, BUNAC can help you obtain the visa that allows you to train in America. Spend a few months living your American Dream and don't miss this extremely rare opportunity. 

What's Included

Get started with BUNAC’s Internship USA programme: including pre-departure support, assistance with your visa application and 24/7 support whilst in America.

J-1 Visa

Apply for either an Intern or Trainee Visa to kickstart your Internship USA adventure.

Your Internship

Check out our Internship section for top tips on how to find a suitable internship.

My Employer

Find out what your American employer will have to do for your Internship.

How To Apply

Follow 6 simple steps and you could be starting your internship in America in 8 weeks!


BUNAC's handy tips and tricks on why you should intern abroad, travel tips for after your internship and FAQs!

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