BUNAC have teamed up with Endsleigh Insurance,  to design bespoke insurance packages which cover everything you'll need for an adventure abroad. Whether you’re surfing in Australia or skiing in Canada, together we’ve got you covered. Insurance is a requirement for all BUNAC programmes and making sure you have the correct insurance will put your mind at ease and can save you money!

Levels of cover

The 'Work abroad' cover is standard and each level of insurance is cumulative, therefore it includes all previous levels of cover.  

Work abroad

The standard level of cover designed specifically for BUNACers. This is the starting point for your insurance, the base to which you can add the following packages onto.

Activity sports

Thinking of doing a bungee or going on a trekking expedition? This is the cover for you to add.

Adventure sports

Black water rafting and shark diving are among the adventurous sports on this next level of cover.

Adventure and winter sports

If winter sports such as skiing and snow boarding are your thing then this level of cover is what you’ll need to add.

Adventure and winter sports plus

Planning on doing speed skating, Nordic skiing or other more adventurous winter sports when you’re away? Add this level of cover to your insurance.

Many activities are covered as standard in these insurance packages, however some activities need to be covered separately. To find out exactly what's covered by checking out the full list of all sports covered by each level of insurance.